Precautions before installation of integrated orifice flowmeter

The integrated orifice flowmeter is a differential pressure generating device that measures flow. The differential pressure transmitter can measure the flow of various fluids in the pipeline. The throttling device includes a standard orifice plate, a round orifice plate, and the like. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and other departments.
Precautions before installation of integrated orifice flowmeter :
1. Before the instrument is installed, the process pipeline should be purged to prevent the ferromagnetic substances retained in the pipeline from adhering to the instrument, affecting the performance of the instrument and even damaging the instrument. If it is unavoidable, a magnetic filter should be installed at the entrance of the meter. The meter itself does not participate in the air sweep before the production, so as not to damage the meter.
2. The instrument should be inspected for damage before it is installed in the process piping.
3. The installation form of the instrument is divided into vertical installation and horizontal installation. If it is vertical installation, the angle between the center vertical line and the plumb line should be less than 2°; if it is horizontal installation, the horizontal center line of the instrument should be The horizontal line angle is less than 2°.
4. The upstream and downstream pipelines of the instrument should be the same as the diameter of the instrument. The connecting flange or thread should be matched with the flange and thread of the instrument. The length of the straight pipe upstream of the instrument should be at least 5 times the nominal diameter of the instrument, and the length of the downstream straight pipe segment is greater than Equal to 250mm.
5. Since the instrument transmits signals through magnetic coupling, in order to ensure the performance of the instrument, at least 250px around the installation, no ferromagnetic substances are allowed.
6. The instrument for measuring gas is calibrated under a specific pressure. If the gas is directly discharged to the atmosphere at the outlet of the meter, a pressure drop will occur at the float and cause data distortion. If this is the case, install a valve at the outlet of the meter.
7. The instrument installed in the pipeline should not be subjected to stress. The inlet and outlet of the instrument should have appropriate pipe support, which can make the instrument in a small stress state.
8. Be careful when installing PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)-lined instruments. Since the PTFE will deform under the action of pressure, the flange nut should not be over tightened at will.
9, with a liquid crystal display instrument, when installing, try to avoid direct sunlight display, reduce the life of the LCD.
10, when measuring low temperature media, you need to choose the jacket type.

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