Electromagnetic flowmeter common alarm phenomenon and solution

When the user uses the electromagnetic flowmeter, there will be an occasional alarm phenomenon. The other party naturally thinks if the flowmeter is faulty. In fact, specific problems need to be analyzed in detail. The alarm phenomenon of electromagnetic flowmeters often has the following three major misunderstandings:
Misunderstanding 1: Electromagnetic flowmeter excitation alarm and system alarm is the electromagnetic flowmeter broken?
System alarm: SYS - system excitation alarm, also for excitation alarm In fact, excitation alarm and system alarm is one thing, sometimes called system excitation alarm, which belongs to the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter intelligent detection of excitation signal alarm, when the customer encounters In this case, most of them are caused by excessive vibration of the pipeline or the open circuit of the excitation coil due to the moisture in the junction box during use.
Electromagnetic flowmeter system alarm solution:
The solution is also very simple. The user can use the multimeter to detect the on/off of the excitation line to judge. The specific terminals are EXT+ and EXT—the two terminals, measure whether there is resistance value, and determine the cause of the disconnection of the excitation line by judging the resistance value. . The specific judgment standard: the resistance of the excitation coil will not exceed 200Ω. Another case belongs to the battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter. Its excitation alarm is to detect the resistance value of the excitation coil. Although the excitation alarm will occur, it will not affect the measurement result. The user can solve this phenomenon by setting the excitation method.
Misunderstanding 2: The electromagnetic tube flowmeter alarm is a malfunction of the electromagnetic flowmeter?
Air Traffic Alarm: FGP - Fluid Empty Tube Alarm Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter generally has an empty tube detection function and does not require an additional electrode. When the user selects the empty tube alarm, when the fluid in the pipeline is lower than the measuring electrode, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can detect an empty tube state, and when the empty tube state is detected, the analog output and digital output signal of the meter Both are 0, and the meter flow display is also 0.
The significance of the electromagnetic flowmeter empty tube alarm is that the customer can know the flow state of the medium in the measuring pipeline in real time, and even the empty tube full tube state, especially suitable for those opaque pipe segments, it is most convenient and quick for the user to judge the fluid in the pipeline. It embodies the humanized and intelligent design of the intelligent flow meter. Therefore, the electromagnetic flowmeter empty tube alarm is not a malfunction of the electromagnetic flowmeter, but faithfully reflects the fluid condition in the measuring pipeline. Of course, the user can choose to disable this setting as needed.
Misunderstanding 3: Electromagnetic flowmeter flow upper limit alarm and flow lower limit alarm is the electromagnetic flowmeter over-range?
FQH - flow limit alarm
FQL——Flow lower limit alarm flow upper and lower limit alarms are calculated according to the flowmeter's range percentage. This parameter is a concrete reflection of whether the user exceeds the set range in a specific flow range. It does not mean that the electromagnetic flowmeter exceeds the measurement range. It can only be regarded as the percentage of the range set by the electromagnetic flowmeter. The emphasis here is because the range of the electromagnetic flowmeter can be set, sometimes to improve the resolution of the output signal of the electromagnetic flowmeter, so for the electromagnetic flowmeter, The lower limit alarm can be set according to the actual needs of the measurement. If it is not necessary, you can also choose to close it, mainly for a prompt of the customer's specific traffic. The specific solution is as follows:
The upper and lower alarms indicate that the output current and output frequency or pulse are overrun. After the flow range is changed to larger and smaller, the upper and lower limit alarms are cancelled.

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