SDJ-3BS vibration monitoring and protection device

SDJ-3BS Vibration Monitoring and Protection Instrument is an intelligent instrument. It is matched with SZ-6 series magnetoelectric speed sensor to continuously monitor and measure the amplitude and intensity of absolute vibration of bearings of various rotating machinery.
It is available in both disc and wall styles.
The main function
With linear trimming. With power-on and power-down protection.
The historical peak and historical alarm status after the alarm is automatically saved.
Set parameters and measurement history parameters can be saved for a long time after power failure.
Technical Parameters
Input signal: SZ series magnetoelectric speed sensor;
Frequency response range: vibrating table 10~200Hz; intensity meter 10~100Hz;
Display mode: 3-digit LED digital display, accuracy: ±1.0%;
Measuring range: 0~500μm (peak-to-peak amplitude value); 0~30.0mm/s (vibration intensity);

SDJ-3BS vibration monitoring and protection device

Current output: linear output of 4~20 mA corresponding to the range;
Accuracy: ±1.0% of full scale; Zui large load: 500Ω;
Buffered output: sensor raw signal output (TDM signal);
Alarm setting: 2 points per channel upper limit, and arbitrarily set within the full scale range;
Alarm output: LED indicator, relay switch output, capacity AC250V
/2A, DC28V /2A;
Use power: 220VAC ± 10%, 50Hz ± 5%; power consumption <10W;
Operating environment: temperature 0~50 °C; storage temperature -40~60 °C; relative humidity
20~90% (non-condensing);
No corrosive or strong magnetic field around;
Dimensions: panel mounted table: width 160 × height 80 × depth 225 (mm3);
Opening size: width 152 × height 76 (mm2);
Wall table: width 190 × height 290 × thickness 92 (mm3);
Installation size: bottom 170 × height 272 (mm2). (Equilateral triangle

Related News I. Overview SDJ-3, 3B vibration monitors are composed of standard chassis 160×80 (mm). Each monitor has two channels A and B, and independent LED display mode. Independent 4 to 20 mA output, independent switching output.
For a rotating machine to measure its comprehensive mechanical situation, the vibration amplitude of the rotor is a basic indicator of Zui.
The SDJ-3B vibration monitor comes from a separate SG-2 speed sensing signal or a CWY-DO type eddy current sensing signal that continuously displays the amplitude value of the channel on the LED digital display. In order to be fully protected, two sensors with an angle of 90° need to be installed on one bearing. Vertical or horizontal installation is required. If the user needs, the factory can provide a protective box with glass door on the outside, the dimensions of the product: length 258 wide 158 deep 460; SG-2 sensor fixing screws or mounting base can be provided, the base size is 40×40mm, can be installed vertical and 2 sensors in the horizontal direction.
Second, technical indicators ● Measurement range: Frequency: 10 ~ 300Hz
● Amplitude: 0~200um (peak to peak)
(The range can be customized by the user)
● Accuracy: ≤±0.5% (full scale value)
● Frequency response: 40~60Hz≤±1%

● Output: constant current: 4 ~ 20mA (load <1KΩ)
● Constant voltage: 1~5V or oscillometric analysis output ● Alarm setting: Any setting within 0~200um ● Switching output: DC27V/1A or AC220V/2A
● Noise level: ≤1% (full scale value) when no signal is input
● Operating environment: temperature -25 ~ 45 ° C
Relative humidity ≤80%
● Power supply voltage: AC 220V ± 10% / 50Hz
The SDJ-3 vibration monitor is a common type of vibration meter.
SDJ-3B vibration monitoring and protection instrument is a safe and reliable instrument.
HN-2 intelligent vibration monitor is used for long-term monitoring of vibration intensity and displacement of rotating machinery with speed of 600~60000/min. It is matched with magneto-electric vibration speed sensor to monitor vertical and horizontal vibration and vibration of rotating machinery. The value is displayed by the front panel of the instrument, and has a standard analog current output. It can be mated with various DCS and PLC systems. When the vibration value exceeds the limit, the instrument can be connected with an external sound and light alarm to prompt the field operator to take preventive measures. And there are two levels of alarm switch output to protect the machine safe and reliable operation.
Function description realizes intelligent processing: alarm I value, II value can be adjusted by the panel button panel button, no potentiometer adjustment, convenient on-site debugging for one minute without pressing the operation button, can return to the running state alarm delay adjustment range 1~60 seconds, to prevent false alarm caused by on-site interference, with upper and lower power detection function, sensor drop detection function, cut off alarm and stop output circuit at the same time, can effectively suppress instrument false alarm vibration intensity (vibration intensity) and vibration displacement ( Vibration amplitude) manual switching.
Technical index frequency range: 10~1000Hz
Range: 0~20.0mm/s or 0-200um (adjustable)
Accuracy: ±1% (full scale)
Current output: 4~20mA
Switching output: DC 30V / 5A or AC250V/5A (normally open)
Alarm setting: arbitrarily set ambient temperature in full scale: running time: 0~65°C
When storing: -30~80°C

Relative humidity: up to 95%, non-condensing power supply voltage: 220VAC/50Hz ± 10% 50mA
Dimensions: 160 × 80 × 250mm
Opening size: 152+1×74+1mm
Front panel function

Channel I display box: in the running state, the channel I vibration value is displayed; in the parameter setting state, the parameter flag is displayed;
Channel II display box: in the running state, the channel II vibration value is displayed; in the parameter setting state, the parameter value corresponding to the parameter flag is displayed;
Alarm indicator: When the measured value exceeds the alarm setting range, the alarm indicator lights up;
Set button: Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to enter the parameter setting state; in the parameter setting state, press this button to enter the parameter editing state. After editing the parameters, press this button to confirm the modified parameters. After setting the parameters, press and hold for another 5 seconds to return to the working state and save the set parameters.
â–² key: In the parameter view state, press this key to view the next parameter; in the parameter editing state, you can add 1 to the parameter to be edited, the number range is 0~9;
(←) Cursor left shift key: In the parameter editing state, move the number of parameter digits to be set, such as from single digit to hundred digits;
Confirmation key: Press the Enter key to confirm the edit. After setting the parameters, press the Enter key to confirm and proceed to the next parameter setting selection.
Parameter setting and operation The instrument has been debugged before leaving the factory. It can be used directly by the user. If you need to check the factory parameters of the instrument or modify it, you can perform the following operations.
After power-on, the meter is in operation and the panel displays the speed of each channel.
The various parameters of the instrument are set by the panel's “Setting, ▲, ←, OK”. Each parameter has a corresponding flag representation. The order and steps are as follows:

Parameter flag parameter description setting range
Channel I Alarm I
Channel I Alarm II
Channel I range
Channel II Alarm I
Channel II Alarm II
Channel II range
Alarm delay (default 1 second)
Note: In the parameter setting mode, the parameter flag is displayed in the channel I display box, and the corresponding parameter value is displayed in the channel II display box.
Press the “Set” button for about 5 seconds to enter the parameter setting mode. “EE1?” is displayed in the panel channel I display box, and the factory channel I alarm I value “06.0” is displayed in the channel II display box. Press “OK” to enter the parameter editing mode. At this time, the low digit flashes. Use the “▲” key to add 1 to the digit. The range is 0-9. Press “←” to flash the previous digit. Use the “▲” button to modify this digit; and so on, press the “←” button to select the number to be modified, and then use the “▲” button to modify the digit. Press the “Confirm” button to edit the parameter. carry out. Press the “▲” key to continue setting the next parameter. Or press and hold the "Settings" button to return to normal working condition. When changing the delay, select HHP, change 001 to 004, confirm the next menu, find EE-, and modify the default value.
Terminal board wiring diagram and sensor installation

Debugging instructions
The instrument has been verified before leaving the factory and can be used directly by the user.
The installation mode monitor is installed in the centralized control room. When installing, the monitor is inserted from the front of the centralized control room, and then the left and right mounting brackets are provided from the rear (provided by the manufacturer), and the screws can be tightened. Then connect the input and output lines to the rear terminal block of the monitor as required.

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Technical parameter sensitivity 20~50mv/mm/s±1% (according to user adjustment) Frequency response (optional) 5~100hz, 10~500hz, 10~1000hz natural frequency about 10hz amplitude limit 2mm (peak-peak) Zui large acceleration 10g installation method vertical; horizontal; vertical, horizontal dual-use temperature range -30 ° C ~ 120 ° C relative humidity to 95% non-condensing Dimensions φ 35 × 78mm weight about 350g installation J2 / ZJ2-A / bearing vibration monitoring protection device
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MLV-9200 (16699/900)/9200/74712/47633/HT-2ZD-24/ZD25/ZDF bearing vibration speed sensor
VB-Z9500/VB-Z9600/SJ1061/SJ1062 magnetoelectric vibration speed tile sensor
TM0782A/TM0783A/CA-YD/YD/KD/TM0782A/WINH/MTA/PR9270/SHQ-25X/200150/200155/200157/200350/200355/CA-GT Acceleration Sensor Portable Speed ​​Sensor Calibration Table Six-Wire LVDT Displacement Sensor 1000TD 2000TD 3000TD 4000TD 5000TD 6000TD 7000TD 8000TD 9000TD 10000TD 11000TD 12000TD Three-wire LVDT displacement sensor HR-DC displacement sensor, 3000HR-DC, 1000HR-DC, 500HR-DC, 200HR, 500HR, 1000HR, 2000HR, 3000HR, 5000HR, 10000HR PTS420 Displacement Sensor, PTS420 Position Transmitter, PTS420-5000 Position Sensor, PTS420-10000 HCT420 Displacement Sensor, HCT420 Position Transmitter, HCT420-5000 Position Sensor, HCT10000, HCT IS5000, HCT IS 10000 GCA/GCD Rebound Displacement sensor, GCA rebound displacement sensor, GCD rebound displacement sensor, GCD-SE, HC485 LBB ultra-precision displacement sensor, LBB-315PA, LBB-375PA
ATML-M1450-0600AT100/BTL5-E10-M0350-P-S32 Displacement Sensor JY PRT LVDT Shift Sensor

SDW-i/TR81/DWQZ/TRIN/7200/3300/PR6422/PR6423/PR6424/PR6425/PR6426/CWY-DO/8108-01/8108-02/8108-03/8111-01/8111-02/8111- 03/8125-01/8125-02/8125-03/CWY-DO-20T08 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end
SD081082/85811/TM0180/TM0105/TM0182/WINW/QH8500/SE/CWY-DO/8300/HTW Axial Displacement Sensor Shaft Vibration Probe Front End
KY8500/OD9000/9000XL/S2100/S2200/VB-Z9100/MLW3300/WD220/QRD/HRD/QZHF rod non-contact displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front-end
RDZW-2Na/CZQZ/RDZW-2/RDZW-2N/WB-8501C/8521C/8531C/85300-DW/16C4-A axial displacement monitoring and protection instrument display table
85350/85710/EN2000A2/HY-01/TPM/DTPM/OD9006/S2102/VRS2000A2/HZWY-20A/ZQZ-10/ZQZ-11/ZQZ-21/ZQZ-II axial displacement detection monitor instrument turbine axial displacement Measuring protection device
RDZW-2Na/CZQX/RDCZ/RDCZ-2Na/85710/HY-02/DEM/DDEM/S2161A/VRS2000A5/HZWY-20A/WB-8521C Differential monitoring and protection instrument meter relative expansion monitor instrument
S-ZS/SZCB-01/SZCB-02/SZCB-03/SZCB-04/PR9376/SM-10/12/14/16/T-03/SZMB-5/9/SZMB-01/SZMB-3/ SZMB-4/ZS-01/ZS-03/ZS-02/ZS-04/KMY20M/KMY/Z20S/KMY20M1/SM6-XS12JK-3P/Y-XG-3 Magnetoresistive Speed ​​Sensor
SZMB-5/SZMB-5-B/SZMB-5T/SZMB-7/SZMB-8/SZMB-9SZMB-9/SZMB-9-B/SZMB-10/SZMB-10/SZMB-11/SZMB-12/ SZMB-14/SZMB-16/SZMB-18/explosion-proof magnetic speed sensor
SMCB-01/SZMZ—01/SZMZ—02/S16/SMS-12/16/E12-E12S-E58A-E58S/D12-D12P/F12A-F12S-F58A-S-HC/F58S/Y12AD/DSD/DSF/ DSE/DSH/km115-1/km115-2/km115-3/km115-4/magnetic sensitive speed sensor
TD-02/TD-03/HK-16/CM16/S16/HB2032/SC12-20K/GVS/SGZP-K1/KGSS/GTS-211B/GTS211A Gear Speed ​​Sensor
DZC-02/DZC-02A/37506A/HZQS-02A/HZQW-03A/HZC-12/HZQS-03A speed instrument
DM504/HY-ZS3/SZC-04F1/WZ-7A/IC-3A positive and negative speed detection monitoring and protection instrument
HY-ZS3F/RTB-S/CS-3F forward and reverse speed sensor DSE 1010.00 ZTZ/DSE 1010.00 STZ/DSE 1210.20 P13HZ 2835870
DSE 1210.20 P4HZ 2838155/DSE 1010.19 SHZ/DSE 1010.20 SHZ/DSE 1010.07 P3HZ/DSE 1010.21 KHZ/DSE 1010 SHV (2m)/DSE 1010.00 STV (3m)/DSE 0603.00 SHZ (0,2m)
SZC-04/SZC-04B/SZC-04BG/SZC-04F/85700/85790/JMS/HY-01/XSM/DF9011/WB--8381GE/SCM-II intelligent speed meter monitoring and protection instrument meter portable speed sensor calibration station
XJP-10B/02A/42A/XSV-01/SQY01T/MFT/SQY11-04/RAS/SKY/SZC/SQYC/CS-1/SQY01/QYDPM/SQY08TD intelligent speed digital display instrument
AI-TEK(AIRPAX)/Tach-pak1/Tach-pak2/Tach-pak3/Tachtrol1/Tachtrol2/Tachtrol3/MV-VI/TACHPAK1/TACHPAK1/TACHPAK2/TACHPAK3 intelligent speed monitor instrument
WZ-3C/WZ-1D/WZ-6A/AI-TEK (AIRPAX)/EN2000A3/TB-410 intelligent speed measuring instrument instrumentation
WZ-3C-A/WZ-3C-B/WZ-3C-C/WZ-3C-D intelligent transient tachometer instrumentation
C-A/WZ-3C-B/WZ-3C-C/WZ-3C-D intelligent transient tachometer instrumentation intelligent fan bearing vibration monitor
WZ-1D-A /WZ-1D-B/WZ-1D-C emergency interrupt tachometer instrument
WZ-6A-A/WZ-6A-B/WZ-6A-C/DF9011/DF9012 intelligent transient tachometer instrumentation
PRA11011/PRA11012/PRA11021/PRA11022/PRA11031/PRA11032/PRA13011/PRA13012/PRA13021/PRA13022 Speed ​​monitoring controller meter frequency-analog converter
WZ-7A-A/WZ-7A-B reverse alarm speed meter
HY-ZS1/HY-ZS2A/HY-BT1/HY-ZS2/HY-ZS3/HY-CS1/OD9001/S2183/S2181/MSC-2A/MSC-4/HY-TACH intelligent tachometer instrumentation
VB-Z410/VB-Z440/VB-Z470/VRS2000A7/XHF-201/WB-8581/Intelligent Speedometer
XJP-02A/XJP-02B/XJP-10B/XJP-15/XJP-16/XJP—42AB/XJP-48B/XJP-48E/XJP-71/XSZ-01/XSZ-02XJP—18B/SZC—01020304/ SZC—04KY intelligent digital speed display instrument
AI-TEK speed sensor / controller, tachometer, cable... 70082-1000 speed sensor series 70084-1000 speed sensor series 70084-1713 speed sensor series 70085-1010 speed sensor series 70087-3040 speed sensor series H1320 -001 Series H1512-001 Series H1522-001 Series H1612-001 Series BH1512-001 Series N1512-009* Series N1612-003* Series BH1522-001 Series BH1612-001 Series BH1622-001 Series T77220 Tachometer Series T77310 Tachometer Series T77430 Tachometer Series CN79860 Cable Series 646-310 Series 646-140 Series 70085-8080-001 Speed ​​Sensor 70085-8080-003 Speed ​​Sensor 70085-1010-002 Speed ​​Sensor 70085-1010-018 Speed ​​Sensor 70085-1010-081 Speed ​​Sensor 70085 -1010-118 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010-214 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010-245 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010-327 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010-330 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010-328 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010-405 Speed ​​sensor 70085- 1010-411 Speed ​​Sensor 70085-1010-412 Speed ​​Sensor 70085-1010-414 Speed ​​Sensor 70085 -1010-417 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010-420 Speed ​​sensor 087-304-0036 Speed ​​sensor H1512-001 Sensor H1512-007 Sensor H1522-001 Sensor H1612-001 Sensor H1612-025 Sensor T77310-12 Tachometer T77310-72 Tachometer T77410-12 Tachometer T77430-12 Tachometer T77430-42 Tachometer T77430-72 Tachometer CA79860-01-00 Connecting cable CA79860-06-00 Connecting cable CA79860-18-00 Connecting cable CA79860-24-00 Connecting cable CA79860- 2600 Cable Connector CA79860-3900 Cable Connector
70082-1000 Speed ​​sensor 70084-1000 Speed ​​sensor 70084-1713 Speed ​​sensor 70085-1010 Speed ​​sensor 70087-3040 Speed ​​sensor H1320-001 H1512-001 H1522-001 H1612-001 BH1512-001 N1512-009* N1612-003*BH1522- 001 BH1612-001 BH1622-001 T77220 Tachometer T77310 Tachometer T77430 Tachometer CN79860 Cable 646-310 646-140 Intelligent Fan Bearing Vibration Monitor
DF9032/WB-8531C/HAWY-01A Relative Expansion Thermal Expansion Monitor Instrumentation SW-2/TD-2 Displacement Monitor Instrumentation 24765 Case Expansion Sensor DF5601
3500/3300/7200/PT2060/PT2010/RMS700/MMS3000/MMS6000/VB4000/TN8000/WIN2000/VM600/EN8000/EN9000/MV2000/MV3000/S8100/8500/9000/ZXP-JK6600/S32000/S36000/8000B Series Rotating Machinery Monitoring protection device
XJTM-02 type display alarm instrument
2 two-wire vibration transmitter
2 two-wire vibration intensity transmitter
2 two-wire shaft vibration transmitter
BSQ001 power converter BSQ011a/BSQ011b/BSQ011c/BSQ011d/cu-02 vibration transmitter phase monitoring protection instrument meter 8000 overspeed protection device
RDZW-2Na single channel axial displacement monitor instrumentation RDZW-2N axial displacement monitor instrument RDCZ-2Na type intelligent differential pressure monitor instrument RDCZ differential expansion monitor instrument RDXZ/RDXZ-2 series shaft vibration monitor instrument CZJ-B series vibration monitor instrument CZJ-Q/CZJ-QL series vibration inspection instrument SZC-04 type intelligent speed instrument SZC-04B type intelligent speed instrument SZC-04F type intelligent speed instrument SZC-04F1 type intelligent anti-speed instrument DZC-02/02A electronic analog speed meter XJZC-03A speed-impact monitor device XJCS-03 overspeed monitoring protection device XJTM-02 type display alarm instrument RDPX eccentric monitor instrument SW-2/TD-2 type displacement monitor Instrument LD-3000 series temperature display regulator instrument CZ-6/6c digital display vibration instrument
ZH2000 series programmable monitor instrument system introduction ZH2012 dual channel programmable vibration monitor instrument ZH2022 dual channel programmable axis vibration monitor instrument ZH2032 programmable axial displacement monitor instrument ZH2042 programmable differential pressure monitor instrument ZH2051 programmable speed impact Sub monitor instrument ZH2052 programmable speed monitor instrument ZH2054 programmable zero speed monitor instrument ZH2056 programmable anti-speed monitoring
BSQ015a/BSQ015b/BSQ015c/BSQ015d Vibration Intensity Transmitter
BSQ021/BSQ021a/BSQ021b/BSQ021c/BSQ021d/BSQ021e Shaft Vibration Transmitter
BSQ031/BSQ031a/BSQ031b/BSQ031c/BSQ031d/BSQ031e Axial Displacement Transmitter
BSQ051a/BSQ051b/BSQ051c/BSQ051d speed transmitter
BSQ073a/BSQ073b/BSQ073c/BSQ073d Stroke Transmitter
WZ-5A/WZ-5B speed signal transmitter
ZHS-9/ZHV-9/SLMCD-21T/WINYV/ZD8133/OD9200T/MLS/V-9/FZB/YMLV/JX73/JX73ST/BJ230/YZHS/YZHV/YZH-B/WB-8111B integrated vibration sensor Feeder
TR2001/TR2011/TR2031/TR2061/TR2081/TRZF/TR95/SZBS-1 Transmitter
990 vibration transmitter / 991 axial displacement transmitter intelligent fan bearing vibration monitor
ZXP-T100/ZXP-T110/ZXP-T120/WZ-5A/WZ-5B/ZD24-ZF-1/ZD24-ZF-2 Transmitter
OD9200-B/S9210/S9220/S9260/S9860/02/S9820/02/S9881/01/JX5151/JX5121 Transmitter
MLV/DVIB-15a/HR-2000/TR4101/SJ6011/SJ6021/SJ6031/VB-Z410, VB-Z420, VB-Z430, VB-Z440, VB-Z440B, VB-Z310, VB-Z320, VB-Z330, VB-Z210, VB-Z220, VB-Z230, VB-Z9100, VB-Z9200, VB-Z9300, VB-Z9500, VB-Z9530, VB-Z9800, VB-Z470, VB-Z470B, VB-Z2100, VB- Z2200, VB-Z2300, VB-Z2400, VB-Z2500, VB-Z2600, VB-Z2700, VB-Z2800, VB-Z2900, VB-Z6100, VB-Z9210, VB-Z9220, VB-Z9260, VB-Z2184, VB-Z8200, VB-Z2188, VB-Z2101, VB-Z2102, VB-12161 transmitter
TK3-2/TM0520-K/-9292/JX-3B/S21330/S21320/OD9002/V503/V505/CIJ-J30/CIJ-J20/HV-520/VB-Z8901/DX-02/VRS5000/SE-11 /SE-41/PJD/VRS2000 Vibration Calibration Table Eddy Current Probe Calibration Instrument
TM0540/3300XL/WIN-400/HY-XY1/OD—9003(A/B)/S21310/VRS4000/XQ-15/DZ-30 eddy current probe static calibrator meter instrument ZH2062 programmable eccentricity monitor instrument ZH2072 Programmable displacement monitor instrument
BSQ series transmitter introduction BSQ001 power converter BSQ011 series vibration transmitter BSQ021 series shaft vibration transmitter BSQ031 series axial displacement transmitter BSQ051 series speed transmitter BSQ073 series stroke transmitter BS series installation box
YZHS/YZHV/YZH-S/YZH-V series integrated vibration bit transmitter YZH-B integrated vibration transmitter YZH-K series electronic vibration switch ZDT-2 portable vibration checker ZST-1 speed verification Taiwan 8400 Series Static Calibrator Instrument ZY-350 Dynamic Calibrator Instrument
DWQZ series eddy current sensor SZ-4 type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6 (C) type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6B type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6i type explosion-proof magnetic type speed sensor ZHS-9/ZHV -9 integrated ultra low frequency vibration displacement sensor SMCB-01/02 magnetic sensitive speed sensor SZCB series magnetoresistive speed sensor TD series LVDT sensor UT-81 series LVDT sensor B49 (UHZ) series magnetic flip column liquid level sensor SZCB-01i Type explosion-proof magnetic resistance type speed sensor SZ-6i type explosion-proof magnetic electric speed sensor TD-1i type LVDT sensor
BSQ001/TM900/TM900-A00 Power Converter
8000C rotating machinery monitoring and protection device 8002C management and power module 8012C vibration monitor 8022C axis vibration monitor 8032C displacement monitor 8051C speed / impact sub-monitor 8052C speed monitor 8054C zero speed monitor 8056C anti-rotation speed monitor 8062C eccentric monitor 8072C Travel monitor 8102C temperature (thermocouple) monitor 8106C temperature (thermal resistance) monitor 8142C universal monitor 8150C dual channel key phase 8163C three take two overspeed protector
8000B series monitoring and protection device system 8000B-000 instrument instrumentation chassis 8000B-001 instrument instrumentation power supply 8000B-012 dual channel bearing vibration function module 8000B-022 dual channel axis vibration function module 8000B-032 dual channel axial displacement function module 8000B- 042 dual channel expansion function module 8000B-051 single channel speed / zero speed / emergency interrupt function module 8000B-061 single channel eccentric function module 8000B-072 dual channel thermal expansion function module 8000B-082 dual channel valve position function module 8000B-092双通道油箱油位功能模块8000B-102、106双通道温度功能模块8000B-142双通道通用显示功能模块8000B-150键相器功能模块8000B-162双通道三取二功能模块8000B超速监视保护装置掌上电脑组态软件组态软件采集软件

Exhaust Muffler

Mufflers are installed within the Exhaust System of most internal combustion engines. With high performance SS304 stainless steel universal mufflers can give you added power and a racing sound over stock mufflers. With high-temperature fiber glass wool and stainless mesh wrapped around the perforated hole.

The muffler is engineered as an acoustic soundproofing device designed to reduce the loudness of the sound pressure created by the engine by way of acoustic quieting.

The majority of the sound pressure produced by the engine is emanated out of the vehicle via the same piping used by the silent exhaust gases. The emitted noise is abated by a series of passages and chambers lined with roving fiberglass insulation and/or resonating chambers harmonically tuned to cause destructive interference, wherein opposite sound waves cancel each other out.


stainless steel perforated tube, Universal design, Easily installed: welded to the exhaust system or tube ends can be added for clamping installations, to connect muffler and Catalytic converter..

Exhaust Muffler

Exhaust Muffler,Exhaust Silencer,Loud Mufflers,Dual Exhaust Muffler


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