HZD-B-5X/HZD-B-8B/Integrated Vibration Transmitter

HZD-B-5X/HZD-B-8B/Integrated Vibration Transmitter is based on the HN500 integrated vibration sensor with a backlit LCD display to pass the vibration velocity RMS or vibration displacement peak-to-peak value through the LCD screen. Displayed, and with a standard 4-20 mA current output, directly connected to DCS, PLC or other equipment, truly achieve the "sensor ten monitoring instrument" type of vibration monitoring function, the product is convenient for on-site observation, excellent performance, relative The price of vibration monitoring instruments is also very affordable, which is an ideal choice for absolute vibration measurement monitoring of factory equipment.
HZD-B-5X/HZD-B-8B/Integrated Vibration Transmitter
1 Frequency response: 5~ 1000 Hz
2 Self-vibration frequency: 4.5Hz or 10Hz
3 Measurement range: 0~20mm/s (speed effective value) or 0~200um (displacement peak-to-peak value)
4 signal output: 4 ~ 20mA (± 0.05mA)
5 Output impedance: ≤500Ω
6 Working voltage: DC24V±10%
7 Wiring method: two-wire system
8 Measurement direction: universal
9 Operating environment: Temperature -40 ° C ~ 100 ° C Relative humidity ≤ 90%
10 Dimensions: φ35×70mm
11 Installation thread: M10×1.5 ×10
12 weight: about 300g
Dimensions: Diameter: 40mm; High 80mm Eddy Current Axis Displacement Sensor Shaft Vibration Probe Front Device TM0180-A08-B00-C06-D10 Eddy Current Axis Displacement Sensor Shaft Vibration Probe Front Device TM0180-A08-B00-C05-D10 Eddy Current Axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end TM0181-A40-B00 extension cable TM0181-A40-B01 extension cable TM0181-A45-B00 extension cable TM0181-A45-B01 extension cable TM0182-A50-B00- with Hart communication integrated vibration Feeder
CD-21-2-C/CD-21-2-S/CD-21-T/CD-21C/S/BCD-21A/CD721/WIND vibration speed sensor
MLS-9/MLV-6/MLV-7/MLV-8/MLV-9200/MLV-9268/MLV-27/MT1/MT2T/MT3T/MT3M/Vibration Sensor
CS-CD-001/CS-CD-010/OD9200/OD9300/S6000/PR9266/PR9268/20/30/60/70/ Bush vibration sensor
MLV-9200(16699/900)/ 9200/74712/47633/HT-2ZD-24/ZD25/ZDF bearing vibration speed sensor YZH-K series electronic vibration switch ZDT-2 portable vibration calibration table ZST-1 speed calibration Taiwan 8400 series static calibrator instrument ZY-350 dynamic calibrator instrument DWQZ series eddy current sensor SZ-4 type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6 (C) type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6B type magnetoelectric speed Sensor SZ-6i explosion-proof magnetic electric speed sensor ZHS-9/ZHV-9 integrated ultra-low frequency vibration displacement sensor SMCB-01/02 magnetic sensitive speed sensor integrated two-wire vibration transmitter SZCB series reluctance speed Sensor TD series LVDT sensor UT-81 series LVDT sensor B49 (UHZ) series magnetic flip column liquid level sensor SZCB-01i type explosion-proof magnetic resistance type speed sensor SZ-6i type explosion-proof magnetic type speed sensor TD-1i type LVDT sensor CWY- DO eddy current sensor probe front-end device CWY-DO810030 eddy current sensor extension cable TRLS-9 low-frequency vibration speed sensor TRLV-9200 vibration speed sensor TRLV-9268 vibration speed sensor TRLV-8 vibration speed sensor GA-GT-61 acceleration sensor TR2001 axis Shaft vibration to displacement transducer TR2011 Transmitter TR2081 Rotary Transmitter TR2031 Shell Vibration Transmitter TR2061 Bearing Vibration Transmitter TR3001 Axial Displacement Transmitter TR3011 Shaft Vibration Transmitter TR3081 Rotary Transmitter TR3031 Shell Vibration Transmitter TR3061 Bearing Vibration Transmitter WB -8501C digital display axial position detection system WB-8112B digital display dual channel vibration detector instrument WB-8521C digital display relative expansion detector instrument integrated two-wire vibration transmitter

RS6917/zzhke integrated vibration transmitter

Technical Parameters:

Frequency range: 10-1000HZ (at speed output); 10-500HZ (displacement output)
Range: 1. Speed ​​true RMS value 0-10mm / s; 0-20mm / s (user selectable)
2. Displacement peak-peak 0-100um; 0-200um (user selectable, expandable to 2000um)
Output mode: three-wire (two-wire system) 4-20mA output can be connected to PLC; DCS display vibration value
Power supply: +24VDC ± 10%
Mounting thread: M8
Ambient temperature: -10-+80
Relative humidity: 80%
Weight about: 0.5Kg

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