Strong! Leather! secure! Classic K series, how little QY50KA

Before introducing today's protagonist QY50KA, Xiaobian wants to bring you an old one:

In 1999, Xugong began research and development of K series products. In 2000, the first K series product QY16K came out, followed by 25K, 35K, 50K, which was like giving gifts to Chinese hoisting people for thousands of years. K series products rely on excellence. The market performance has attracted countless iron powder favorites and even sought after. Even after 16 years, the G generation products that symbolize quality and intelligence have not been “new and tired”, and the QY25K5-I with a market sales of over 50,000 units is Lifting the user to buy a car must grab the "explosion". It is precisely because of this "love", Xugong still retains the spectrum of K series products.

The first K series product QY16K

After 20 years of bombing, Xugong has never stopped lifting and constantly improved the technology and series of platforms for K series products. The height of Xugong K-series cranes has so far made many similar products look back, and behind this glorious course, it is full of precious memories of sweetness and sweat.

At the beginning of the spring of 2013, the Xugong Lifting Machinery Division launched a series of new products called QY50KA. It has a pure K-lineage, but there is no shortage of innovative technology, it is a product of adapting to customer needs and industry technology development.

"The big arm is very strong", this is the most praise given by the user. The QY50KA uses a 5-section telescopic arm, high-strength steel plate, and a new optimized U-shaped structure, the strength far exceeds the industry level. The embedded arm and plug-in slider design increases the effective length between the two booms, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of torsion, side-bending, etc., which are not caused by vertical lifting when lifting.

In addition to the advanced boom technology, the perfect machine is optimized and matched, which can maximize the performance of the vehicle with the lowest weight. The lower support legs are arranged in a longitudinal H shape, and the fifth leg is in front of the chassis frame. After all the protrusions are extended, the user can realize 360° no dead angle rotation operation. After the full extension of the H-shaped legs, the longitudinal and lateral distances can reach 5.91m and 6.9m. Only the lower plate is stable enough, and the boom can be used with ease when lifting.

QY50KA truck crane

"The horsepower is big, it can climb the slope", it is also the voice of the customer. As the saying goes, "It’s like a rock, it’s like a rabbit." Sometimes, for the user, sometimes it is possible to travel long distances to the construction site, or even to cross the mountains. How can I take these porcelains without diamonds? QY50KA truck crane adopts unique four-bridge special car chassis design, rear double-bridge drive, and equipped with 9-speed gearbox and high-power engine, which makes the climbing height of 50KA truck crane up to 45%, and the vehicle's power performance exceeds 10% of the same industry. .

The rear axle suspension system adopts a V-shaped thrust rod structure and a rubber spring suspension to increase the driving stability of the chassis, effectively avoiding the positioning of the rear axle tires at high speeds and reducing the wear of the tires.

“Not only fast, but also stable.” Whenever asked about the stability of the QY50KA hoisting weight, I always get the answer. As far as the crane is concerned, the hydraulic system is the blood of the whole machine. QY50KA continues the mature hydraulic system of the K series. It adopts a special combined multi-way valve. The winch and landing, the boom extension and the variable width are all combined with the dual pump. The biggest feature of the technology is “fast”, which greatly improves the efficiency of the boom's variable amplitude and telescopic work, and effectively shortens the working time.

The “stable” in the user's mouth is mainly due to “load-sensitive technology”. The application of this technology can make the system unaffected by load pressure changes and oil pump flow changes, and each action can realize single and double pumps according to the hoisting situation. Switching, more precise adjustment for different weights, while reducing the waste of hydraulic system energy consumption, reducing system heating, greatly extending the life of the hydraulic system. In addition, the use of the unique structure of the slewing buffer technology, so that when the slewing and luffing, there will be no teleportation, so that the slewing system operates smoothly and without jitter; the luffing system is energy efficient and stable.

Products can not be afraid of the market inspection, at the same time, we are not surprised, good enough products, can reach the realm of word of mouth. Since entering the market in 2013, QY50KA has sold nearly 2,000 units in the domestic market for 6 years, and this number is still growing steadily. The gold cup silver cup is still not as good as the customer's reputation, and the customer's recognition is more important than anything else.

Environmental driving test of the Kunlun Mountain Plateau in Golmud (altitude > 4500m)

Is Xugong QY50KA reliable? What security measures does it have?

At the beginning of the design, Xugong QY50KA truck cranes have designed a comprehensive range of safety protection facilities with a focus on product safety, reliability and practicality. The whole vehicle adopts the national patented telescopic telescopic control technology, so that the lifting arm automatically performs telescopic control according to the specified order, avoiding the bending of the cylinder and the breaking of the boom caused by misoperation, thereby improving the safety of operation; The core prevents the balance valve from leaking oil and prevents the cylinder from retracting.

After years of accumulation, Xugong developed a combination of engine in-cylinder brake and exhaust brake technology, and successfully applied it on the QY50KA truck crane, which makes the vehicle's slow braking capability more than three times higher than the same industry. The speed is more stable on long slopes. The unique retarding brake and brake linkage function reduces the braking distance by 10%.

I want a cost-effective product, low fuel consumption, high power, easy to maintain the crane!

The QY50KA truck crane adopts a new hydraulic system design, which can realize manual switching of telescopic and variable amplitude double pumps and single pumps to ensure stable and variable swing and no jitter. When the telescopic and luffing actions are switched to the single pump operation, the heat of the hoisting heat can be reduced by 50%, bringing a new experience of high efficiency and high income to the customer.

I care more about the details. Many times a small improvement will make driving more comfortable. Does QY50KA improve?

Xugong QY50KA adopts the load-sensing system independently developed by Xugong, the double-cylinder rope row telescopic technology and the dual-pump confluence technology. The technical content is higher and the product reliability is stronger! The whole vehicle adopts single H-type shift mode and a new type of operating soft shaft mechanism, which is light and comfortable to operate, fully embodying humanized care. At the same time, the new fuel-saving mode is adopted, and the economy is more prominent. The hoisting monitoring mirror is added to facilitate the observation of the winding state of the wire rope at any time, thereby increasing the safety of use. (This article is from Xugong Heavy)

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