Curved road car warning system technology

Introduction to the curve car system
In road traffic safety management, it usually relies on three forms: human governance, rule of law, and technical treatment. Technical treatment is a common form of road safety protection, which has the obvious effect of actively preventing and reducing losses.
The scientific and rational setting of road traffic safety facilities is the application basis of road traffic engineering, and it is an indispensable hand in the management of traffic safety, traffic order and traffic efficiency. As a carrier of traffic information and urban and rural environment, road traffic safety facilities are also the front end of intelligent transportation and an integral part of smart cities.
Road traffic safety is a life project. Road traffic safety facilities are public safety products. The basic road traffic safety facilities will surely receive unlimited attention from the government and society as the economic development and living standards improve. Road traffic safety facilities industry In the future, it will maintain a long-term and sustainable development trend, and hope that some defects in the current status of the industry can be quickly taken seriously and improved.
Curved car driving characteristics
1 General curve driving characteristics
A curve is a curve that implies a radius of curvature. There are many mountainous areas in western Henan, especially in the area of ​​Jiyuan City. The national roads, provincial roads and county roads are built according to the mountain, and the terrain is the same. There are many corners and snakes.
2 ramp road car driving characteristics
China's unique geological and geomorphological environment, the road development pattern of river bridges and mountain roads, makes the pure road curves in China's road network very few, the vertical slopes do occupy the vast majority in China's road system. section. The longitudinal section of the road includes longitudinal slopes and vertical curves. The slope and slope length of the longitudinal slopes have a restrictive effect on road traffic safety. According to 2010, 7518 accidents occurred on the ramp, accounting for 3.43% of the total accident. The uphill slope is overcoming the slope resistance due to the car, and the speed is relatively small, so the probability of accidents is small; the downhill slope is not the same, driving on the downhill section, due to the traction of the gravity component, the speed is flat, uphill The segments are all high, and the driver is driving to reduce the engine wear. It is possible to slide in the neutral position. Without the braking effect of the engine, the speed may not be properly controlled. Only the artificial braking is frequent, and the brake system is heated for a long time. It is easy to make the brakes fail and cause an accident.
At the same time, the connection between sharp bend and steep slope is quite common in mountainous roads. When the longitudinal slope is large and the curve radius is small, the synthetic slope is larger. After a long ramp, the speed is faster. If you encounter a small radius turn, Increasing the lateral force is easy to cause the vehicle to slip and roll over. At the same time, the driver is nervous and nervous. In the continuous curve, it is impossible to judge the driving situation of the opposite vehicle, and it is easier to operate improperly, thus causing an accident.
Third, the road is poor
1 line of sight
The line of sight, that is, the height of 1.2 meters from the center line of the lane, can see the distance of the object of 0.1 m on the center line of the road, and measure the length of the center line of the lane. In the line of sight standard, in order to ensure the situation in case of sudden situation, timely measures can be taken to ensure Driving safety.
3 line of sight protection
According to 2010, there were 20,750 traffic accidents on the left turn, accounting for 10.02% of the total. The traffic accidents on the right turn accounted for 9,891, accounting for 4.77% of the total. The view of the inner side of the curve is easily affected by the obstruction of trees, buildings and roadside slopes. If there is obstruction, the obstacles on the inside and outside clearance should be clear. The driver's line of sight protection and line-of-sight diagram, the shadow part is easy to cause the line of sight to be blocked, should be dismantled; but in the actual project, on the second and third-level mountain roads, the roadside slope on the curve is steep and steep, resulting in insufficient line of sight and poor driving environment. It poses a safety hazard to traffic, especially in extreme weather, such as heavy rainfall, heavy fog, rain and snow, etc., the visibility is reduced, and it is not easy to predict the condition of the opposite traffic vehicle, and it is more likely to induce traffic accidents.
Fourth, impact analysis
In response to effective road warnings, the traffic management department has lacked effective technical means for many years, especially in the face of light-free urban suburban lighting-free intersections and mountainous bends.
For the urban suburban intersection area without lights, due to the small number of vehicles, the speed of the vehicle is relatively fast, and many motor vehicles remit, causing the main road vehicle brakes to be untimely and easy to cause accidents.
In the sharp bend area, due to the occlusion of mountains, trees and buildings in the center of the curve, the effective line of sight is insufficient, the driver can not obtain the road condition information on the other side of the curve, and it is easy to collide with the coming car because the brake or deceleration is not timely. Or eager to avoid getting in the car and causing the vehicle to rush out of the road.
In the steep slope and continuous slope area, the steep slope is unable to obtain the road condition information at the other end of the ramp due to its special structure. However, due to the behavior of overtaking and deceleration, it is easy to collide with the oncoming vehicle or rush to avoid the vehicle causing the vehicle to rush out of the road.
The traditional control methods are relatively simple and inefficient: for example, for the urban suburbs without light control intersections, set up a yellow flashing light to remind the car to decelerate; for mountain corners, set up a picture mirror in the center of the curve, use the reflection principle to bend the curve another The side image is presented to the driver of the motor vehicle; for example, a fixed sign is established in the above area to remind the driver to slow down through the above area. For the scenes such as steep slopes and continuous slopes, such as speed bumps and traffic signs, the driver of the motor vehicle is reminded. In any case, because the display content is fixed and single, it is unable to attract the driver's attention, and the driver often ignores or ignores the prompt content, resulting in the above-mentioned manner not achieving the desired effect.
V. Demand analysis
1 business needs
1) It can detect the traffic conditions around the non-lighted junction, the sharp bend area, and the up and down slope area, such as the situation of vehicles/pedestrians entering the expressway and branch roads;
2) Use the illuminating warning sign to display the above situation, and remind the driver to take corresponding measures for different situations.
2 system requirements
1) The front-end detection unit detects the occurrence of motor vehicles/non-motor vehicles/pedestrians with high capture rate and detection efficiency;
2) The system can send and detect the detected status in time to display the illuminated warning sign;
3) The system can self-supplied power supply, self-organizing network, reducing the cost of taking power and taking the net and construction.
Sixth, construction goals
In areas where road turns, intersections, and main branch junctions are obstructed, once the driver's speed is too fast, traffic accidents are likely to occur in the road, causing major personal injury and property damage. To this end, intelligent sensor technology is used to detect the vehicle and vehicle speed in all directions of the road, and early warning is provided through the equipment installed next to the road to remind the driver to take timely control measures, which can minimize the probability of traffic accidents. Create a safe and smooth road environment.
Seven, the layout principle
1) The small-circle round curve road with complicated risk level such as level 5, frequent traffic accidents, and poor visual line.
2) The layout road should be a two-way lane with no protective devices in the middle. The daily two-way traffic flow is large, and there are road sections where the traffic vehicles are prone to traffic accidents such as smashing and collision.
3) There are visual blind spots on the inner side of the curve, such as mountains, green plants, buildings, etc., and it is impossible to distinguish the road sections with or without the traffic in the visible range.
4) The road radius is small, and the outer side of the vehicle needs to travel by road.
1 layout plan
Curved road car intelligent warning equipment layout point table
The name of the city or county line name reference station number or name GPS coordinate position
North latitude
Zhengzhou City (Dengfeng) S234 K201+700 to K201+800 34o19'56′′ 112o58′40′′ 1
34o20'02′′ 112o58′43′′
Zhengzhou City (Dengfeng) S234 K205+400 to K205+500 34o20'08′′ 112o58′55′′ 1
34o20'14′′ 112o58′50′′
Subtotal 2
The name of the city or county line name reference station number or name GPS coordinate position
North latitude
Jiyuan City G327 K123+600, called the curved corner 35°08.092′ 112°03.712′ 1
Jiyuan City G327 K92+200, Yanggou 35°06.601' 112°16.805′ 1
Jiyuan City G327 K90+650, 簸箕 concave 35°06.266′ 112°17.153′ 1
Subtotal 3
Total 5
Eight, functional design
1 function design
(1) Automatic operation, stable and reliable, without manual intervention;
(2) Modular design, compact and reasonable structure;
(3) The vehicle has high detection accuracy, the installation of the radar does not need to damage the road surface, and the installation of geomagnetic construction is simple;
(4) The real-time transmission delay of the information is small, which is suitable for the requirement of fast synchronization triggering;
(5) The management department may change the warning, speed limit, and traffic safety publicity information remotely or locally as needed;
(6) The warning system for the cornering car should have its own curve and speed limit indicator. It is not necessary to install these two signs.

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