CO2 monitor guides strawberry planting management

Although carbon dioxide is one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect, it is also one of the essential gas fertilizers for plant growth. A certain concentration of carbon dioxide helps plant growth, so we are planting food, vegetables, fruits, trees and other plants. Appropriately increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the planting area will help crop growth and increase crop yield. However, because the fruits and vegetables grown in the greenhouse are in relatively closed places for a long time, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse varies greatly in one day, which makes the carbon dioxide deficiency in the greenhouse very serious, and becomes an important factor affecting the yield of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. Therefore, the use of a carbon dioxide monitor to control concentration has become an important factor affecting crop yields.

Carbon dioxide monitor

It is understood that at present, many agricultural greenhouse facilities have begun to use carbon dioxide monitors to measure the carbon dioxide content in the greenhouse, so as to ensure timely alarm in the case of insufficient carbon dioxide concentration, thus using gas fertilizer to ensure that fruits and vegetables are raised in the morning and high. High quality. The carbon dioxide meter is an instrument that monitors carbon dioxide gas and can be widely used in agricultural culture, aquaculture, and industry.

Using a carbon dioxide monitor to study the carbon dioxide concentration of strawberries in a greenhouse, it was found that when the carbon dioxide concentration was 360 μl/L, the 20,000 to 30,000 Torr reached the light saturation point, and when the carbon dioxide concentration rose to 800 μL/L, 6 The light intensity of Wanler has not reached the point of light saturation. Therefore, the application of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse can significantly increase the thickness of the strawberry leaves, the leaves are dark green, the fruit is enlarged, the maturity is advanced, and the yield is increased by 15% to 20%. However, if there is too much nitrogen fertilizer in the greenhouse, the ammonia and carbon dioxide gas decomposed under the closed condition will damage the strawberry, make the strawberry leaf edge brown, and finally die. Ammonia harms the mesophyll, which is spotted at the beginning and dead at the end. It can be seen that the use of a carbon dioxide monitor to guide the planting management of strawberries is of great significance.

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