Germplasm resource bank supports the development of characteristic industries

At present, agricultural development in various regions is exploring agricultural industries suitable for their own regional characteristics. Among them, tea planting, flower planting, vegetable planting, fruit and vegetable planting, and Chinese herbal medicine cultivation are key development industries in many regions, and they must support these industries. Development, at present, it is urgent to do a good job in the protection and utilization of special germplasm resources , and to build a dedicated germplasm resource bank , which is an important project to promote breeding development, upgrade varieties, and support the development of characteristic industries.

Germplasm resources, also known as genetic resources, are very important breeding materials. Take the development of flower industry as an example. Although China is a big flower resource country, it is not a big flower growing country. The breeding effect of new varieties and the overall development level of the flower industry are extremely low. Matching is mainly due to the insufficient preservation and utilization of flower germplasm resources. Many high-quality germplasm resources have not been valued for a long time, and they have not been centralized. Therefore, most of the flower varieties commonly used in production, especially the large cut flowers and potted flowers, are from abroad. In order to promote the development of the flower industry and promote the sustainable and stable development of the flower industry, it is necessary to strengthen the preservation and utilization of flower germplasm resources from the source, improve the breeding level, and accelerate the breeding process of new varieties of flowers. The germplasm resource bank is an important gene pool for flower breeding development.

Germplasm resources provide important conditions for long-term conservation of vast germplasm resources. At the same time, information technology promotes the development and utilization of conservation germplasm resources, exchanges and research, and further accelerates the development of seed industry. Backed by germplasm resources, more and more germplasm resources have been protected and developed, and the agricultural seed supply support capacity has a solid foundation. Breeding has achieved innovative development, and China's seed industry has also begun to shift from increasing production to upgrading. Economic benefits, social benefits, and ecological benefits are equally shifting. More importantly, in the development of featured industries, localities do not have to worry about the lack of high-quality seeds, and can steadily promote the development of characteristic agriculture.

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