Local gas industry looks forward to breaking through

In recent years, the development of the domestic chemical industry, especially the coal chemical industry, has provided a good opportunity for the gas industry. However, in the face of such a rich cake, the local gas industry is plagued by difficulties in terms of system, scale, and funds, and the market is difficult to expand. It can only see that the large-scale gas projects are divided by foreign companies, and use it as a base to continuously Regional extensions, forming a "base area." Faced with this grim situation, domestic industrial gas companies are looking forward to breaking through and achieving qualitative leapfrogging.

Gas industry welcomes development opportunities
Industrial gas is called "blood" of industrial production. The relevant data shows that the national economy’s demand for industrial gases increases with the growth of GDP, and its growth rate is usually 1.25 to 1.5 times the GDP growth rate. If calculated by the 8% GDP growth rate, China's industrial gas will grow steadily at a rate of 10% to 12%, and the output value will reach 100 billion yuan by 2016.

In recent years, with the soaring oil prices, the coal chemical industry has developed rapidly and become a new market for the gas industry. A large number of projects such as coal-to-oil, coal-to-olefins, coal-to-methanol, and coal gasification combined-cycle power generation were launched. These new users not only need large amounts of gas, but also have relatively little acceptance because they do not have experience in building and managing gas production facilities. Independent gas supply.

In addition to coal chemical, hydrogen energy, LNG receiving stations, etc. also provide new opportunities for gas development. The domestic newly-built synthetic ammonia plants are all at a level of 300,000 tons/year or more, plus 10 million-tonne refinery, million-tonne ethylene and other projects, and there is a great demand for gas. It is understood that Messer has used oxygen to build sewage treatment plants.

Various industrial development zones springing up have brought unprecedented opportunities for the industrial gas industry. The chemical park's sales revenue is stable, and gas concentration is used. Chemical companies prefer to purchase gas directly instead of purchasing gas separation equipment. Therefore, independent gas suppliers need to invest in gas plant construction and management, and users sign long-term gas supply agreements with them. Sun Guomin, secretary-general of the China Industrial Gas Industry Association, said that these gas supply agreements with major projects are as short as 15 years and as long as 30 years. They are an eternal market, a long-term market, and a best market.

The old pattern restricts the development of the gas industry
At present, the most prominent problems of China's domestic gas companies are scattered and chaotic. There is no scale, especially the lack of overall strategic considerations. So far no one company has actually been able to compete with international gas companies.

According to Sun Guomin’s introduction, the overall scale of domestic gas companies is very small, and the general production value is in the order of several million or tens of millions of yuan. Only billions of yuan are available in Yingde, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Baode, Tianyuan, Linhai, Liming, Longkou East, and Nanjing. Special gas, Walter and a few other companies. There are more than 3,000 domestic gas companies, but only 60% of the domestic market; Linde, Air Liquide, the United States Air Chemicals, Praxair and other six multinational companies accounted for 40% of the domestic market. Moreover, foreign companies rely on large-scale chemical projects and continue to expand the region, which has a growing market share.

Experts believe that institutional problems have constrained the development of the domestic gas industry. Most of the domestic gas companies are affiliated companies in the chemical and steel industries. Many gas companies have no legal status and are not free to develop. They mainly develop around the development of chemical and steel companies. Domestic gas companies are basically all developed locally. Currently, they are not supported by large-scale chemical projects. Those so-called “best markets” are occupied by foreign companies.

In addition, domestic companies are also troubled by funds. General chemical companies need several hundred million yuan or even more than one billion yuan to support gas investment. For example, Shenhua's coal chemical project in Baotou needs to build 4 sets of 60,000 m3/h air separation plant, which will require 2.4 billion to 3 billion yuan in investment. Domestic gas companies do not have the funds to complete these supporting projects.

Of course, the most important thing is the concept issue. The state and society have not treated industrial gas as an industry. Some large foreign gas companies have achieved sales of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars a year, and domestic steel companies have not even reached this level. Sun Guomin appealed that domestic chemical and steel companies should realize that the gas industry can be bigger and stronger, and the huge domestic gas market space has also provided opportunities for local gas companies to take off.

Local gas suppliers look forward to takeoff
Facing the strong momentum of multinational companies seizing the Chinese market, Sun Guomin called for the whole society to pay attention. From the perspective of industrial safety, if China's gas market is monopolized by foreign companies in the future, the impact on the chemical industry will be great. In recent years, large-scale industrial projects constructed in China all require supporting industrial gas projects. Although the investment in supporting industrial gas installations is relatively small, it can completely control the overall operation of large-scale investment projects.

Local gas companies in China must radically change the status quo of small and scattered enterprises. They must broaden their thinking, emancipate their minds, carry out various forms of alliances and reorganizations, turn single-handedly into joint operations, and form one or more companies that can compete with international gas companies. Therefore, it can compete with international gas companies on gas installations for major domestic projects, and it can also go out to compete with international gas companies in the future. After 30 years of development, the domestic gas industry has accumulated certain experience in design, manufacture, and installation. At the same time, the prosperity of the domestic gas industry has also attracted the attention of financial institutions such as Citibank, if the investment company's capital and gas company's advantages In combination, it is entirely possible for domestic gas companies to win large chemical projects.

At the same time, Chinese domestic gas companies must change the concept of waiting for users to put forward gas demand and then supply, and should pay attention to the application of technology research and development, the formation of some gas application research institutions, and actively expand the field of gas applications for users to reduce production costs, In order to drive the market with technology, it competes with international gas companies. In addition, the state should also issue corresponding policies on major projects and military defense projects, encourage the use of domestic air separation equipment, support and guide the entry of local gas companies, and promote the take-off of local gas companies.

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