Changchai Implements Electronic Control Non-road Diesel Engine Industrialization Technology Project

On July 8, the expert team of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology came to Changchai and conducted the “Technology R&D and Industrialization of Electronically Controlled Non-road Diesel Engines Meeting Tier IV European Union IIIA Emission Regulations” issued by Changchai in 2009. At the scene, Xue Guojun, Chairman of Changchai, General Manager He Jianguang, Party Secretary Lu Weimin, Deputy Chief Jing Shi, Xu Yi, and Ni Shiyuan received and reported on the situation. Zhu Wenjuan, Director of the Office of the Chief Staff, and Tang Jianzhong, Minister of Finance attended the meeting. The leader of Changchai Company briefed the expert group on the general situation, implementation basis, capital budgeting and financing, economic benefits, risks and countermeasures of the company's “R&D and industrialization of electronically controlled non-road diesel engines meeting the US Tier IV EU IIIA emission regulations”. , And accompanied the expert group to inspect the technical center laboratory, pilot base, multi-cylinder machine factory, product showroom.

In recent years, Changchai has accelerated the pace of product development, implemented non-road product development in the field of multi-cylinder machines, accelerated the development of national III and State IV diesel engines, and developed electricity that complies with the national III emission standards for supporting light vehicles. The VE pump diesel engine and multi-cylinder mechanical inline pump have been developed. The multi-cylinder engine that meets the US EPA certification and EU EC certification models has been developed for the non-road machinery market at home and abroad. So far, Changchai has had a total of 52 models below 50PS that have been certified by the US to implement EPA Tier4, and 17 models have been approved by the EU for ECIIIA emission certification. Good technical support not only creates favorable conditions for the development of Changchai Diesel Engine's market and growth of overseas businesses, but also prepares the company to implement the project of “R&D and industrialization of electronically controlled non-road diesel engines meeting the US Tier IV EU IIIA emission regulations”. Technical preparations.

On this basis, Changchai Company in order to meet the national energy-saving emission reduction requirements, improve industry technology level, break the technical barriers of Europe and the United States, and further improve the international competitiveness of agricultural machinery products in our province, from this year began to implement "to meet the United States Tier IV EU IIIA Emissions-related Regulations for Electronically Controlled Non-road Diesel Engine R&D and Industrialization Program to Accelerate the Commercialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements, Continuously Enhance the Industrialization of Multi-cylinder and other High-end Products, and Continue to R&D and Expand New Product Varieties with Industrialization as the Carrier In the field, we will speed up the development of high-end product markets and overseas markets, and improve the company's core competitiveness.

During the on-the-spot investigation, the expert group affirmed the status and implementation basis of Changchai Company's project and believed that Changchai has made remarkable achievements in product development and technological innovation. It is hoped that Changchai will accelerate this industrialization project and continue to open up domestic and foreign markets. Company leaders stated that Changchai will follow the laws of economic development, accelerate scientific development, accelerate the adjustment of the "five major structures," promote the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and increase product competitiveness.

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