Dongfeng Cummins launches "100-day quality zero defect" activity

Dongfeng Cummins convened a mobilization meeting for "100-day quality and zero defects". Dongfeng Cummins officially launched the 100-day "Quality Month" campaign.

It is reported that this activity is centered on the theme of “strengthening process execution and pursuing 'zero defect in quality'” to further implement the Dongfeng Cummins quality policy and quality objectives, build a sound quality system as a requirement, strengthen the awareness of quality safety, and improve customers. Satisfaction.

To this end, Dongfeng Cummins has issued relevant quality and technical indicators to various departments. During the “Quality Month” event, Dongfeng Cummins will also organize activities such as quality knowledge competitions, final assembly and machining divisions and quality zero-defect competitions, and implementation evaluations of system processes, etc., and conduct an employee’s “quality culture” and “quality”. The “Awareness-raising” education and re-education will create a good atmosphere in which all employees participate, attach importance to quality and safety, pursue quality, uphold quality, and regard quality as their life, thus shaping Dongfeng Cummins's good quality image and brand reputation.

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