North China Drying Equipment Factory integrates economic benefits and environmental benefits with new product developers

The new generation of high efficiency and energy-saving hot blast stove developed by Hebei Hengshui North Drying Equipment Factory has its indirect heat exchange new technology and achieves the purpose of directly outputting clean hot air. The equipment has large heat exchange capacity, high thermal efficiency, and energy saving effect is particularly prominent. The energy-saving effect of hot air stoves commonly used in China reaches more than 30%. At present, the plant focuses on the integration of economic benefits and environmental benefits in the development of new products, starting with energy conservation and emission reduction, and creating considerable economic benefits for enterprises.
The new process and complete set of equipment for evaporating solidification of glycine waste liquid developed by this plant with independent intellectual property rights not only solve the environmental problems brought about by the waste liquid treatment process, but also have obvious economic benefits. The production of the complete set of equipment can directly convert the waste liquid produced in the production of glycine into ammonium chloride and be directly used for fertilizer production without secondary pollution. According to a benefit analysis of a glycine production plant in Hebei Province, the 50,000 tons of waste liquid produced by the company will be able to obtain 20,000 tons of ammonium chloride after solidification treatment, achieve a sales income of 16 million yuan, and a net profit of 8 million yuan. the above.

300 - 400mm (11.81 - 15.75 in.)

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