Micro-car prices against the market Wuling, Chang'an Baotuan "winter"

All semi-annual reports of listed companies in the auto industry have been disclosed. Among the major listed companies, except for FAW Car (000800.SZ), the net profits of several other companies have declined. People in the industry believe that when the auto market is in a sluggish state and raw material prices are rising, it is inevitable that micro-vehicles with the thinnest profit will rise against the market.

In this context, Changan and SAIC-GM-Wuling and other major domestic mini-vehicle manufacturers have all increased the prices of mini-vehicle products.

The price of the minibus has increased quietly

According to information from the national market, most mini-vehicle products from manufacturers such as Changan, Hafei, and Dongfeng Junan have undergone price increases. Which Changan micro-car prices in the 800 to 1,000 yuan, Dongfeng Xiaokang part of the model prices are also raised about 800 yuan, Hafei part of the price of the model was up about 1,000 yuan. In July, SAIC-GM-Wuling Commercial Vehicles, the leader in the mini vehicle market in China, also started to increase prices. The single- and double-row buses have been increased by 1,000 yuan, and Wuling Light has increased the price by 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan.

Micro car prices test marketing tools

Since June 2008, Changan Automobile and SAIC-GM-Wuling, two domestic micro-vehicle manufacturers, have successively launched the “Dawei Kejia” Changan Star S460 and Wuling Rongguang to enter the mini-vehicle large-scale market segment, forming a trend of confrontation. It is understood that the current "micro-offer" has not followed other micro-car prices together. Chang'an, whether it is launching the Changan Star S460 or the New Economy Commercial Vehicle Changan Starlight 4500, did not immediately release the price, showing caution in pricing.

"Microfacet is a tool for transporting and making money, so its consumer groups and car consumption groups are certainly different. They will soon increase their prices. They can also pass on the assessed contributions to freight, and will soon recover the cost!" .

However, one person who has been engaged in sales of mini-vehicles for many years said that in the second and third-tier cities and rural markets where mini-vehicles are particularly dependent, prices are a key factor in consumers' decision to purchase cars. "Even if the price gap is only 500 yuan, users will largely choose the low-price microcar."

Chang Zhou, director of the Changan Automobile News Public Relations Department, said that the simple price war can no longer attract more rational consumers. The increase in the price of mini-vehicles will further encourage consumers to pay more attention to the comprehensive value including the purchase price, use cost and maintenance price when buying cars, and also guide consumers to more rational purchase of cars. The price increase will really test the micro-car manufacturers. Marketing tools.
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