Shaanxi Automobile's second-generation country's heavy truck four upgrade technology dazzling market

In order to further enhance the user's revenue, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. combined the gold industry chain system, and continuously improved the technology of the State III heavy truck. Based on the comprehensive inheritance of the advantages of the first generation of the country III truck, the company optimized the design and upgrade of the vehicle matching and fuel system. Build a super fuel-efficient heavy truck. The core advantages of Shaanxi Auto's second-generation country III heavy trucks are technological upgrading and super fuel economy, with strong power.

Shaanxi Auto's second-generation state III III heavy truck technology upgrades manifest in:

1, technology upgrade domestic leader

Through the visit of tens of thousands of users, a large amount of test data has upgraded the computer control program for the entire vehicle to the seventh edition, and has led the domestic market in intelligent control;

The whole vehicle has three-level conversion function of no-load, light-load, and full-load, greatly increasing the economic efficiency of the entire vehicle, increasing user revenue, and meeting various needs of users;

2, optimize the matching ultra-low fuel consumption

The vehicle engine adopts the most advanced electronically controlled high pressure common rail system of Germany BOSCH (Bosch). The combustion system and the intake and exhaust system have been completely redesigned. With the advanced electronic control unit ECU, the fuel injection is precisely controlled and the combustion is more complete. According to the test data, the fuel consumption of the entire vehicle has dropped by as much as 10%;

The entire vehicle engine is matched with the Fast transmission, which makes the economical area of ​​the engine more consistent with the commonly used working area. The common operating conditions of the vehicle are in the low fuel consumption area, which is more in line with China's national conditions and the user's usage status. According to the experimental data, it shows that the distance is 100 kilometers. The maximum fuel consumption can be reduced by about 4 liters;

3, strong power performance and stability

The low-speed torque of the vehicle's engine is high, the power performance is better, and the starting performance is better.

4, the value of low maintenance costs

The 85% parts of the vehicle's engine are common to that of the Guoer's engine, and it has a good inheritance. The overall structure and connection dimensions are basically the same as those of the WD615 second-generation engine, which greatly reduces the cost of engine maintenance.

The replacement of engine oil, fuel filter and oil filter for the entire vehicle engine is not more than 1,000 yuan, and the maintenance cycle of the entire vehicle engine is extended by 1-2 times. The maintenance cost is low.

According to Li Tianzhou, vice president of the Shaanxi Auto Automobile Research Institute, “The domestic technology of the State III is still in its infancy, and the differences in the products formed by the companies due to inconsistent technical standards are relatively large, and the degree of difficulty in upgrading the technology is not uniform. The generation III heavy trucks are built on the basis of one generation and achieve various technological breakthroughs, among which fuel economy is the brightest point. Electronically controlled high pressure common rail technology is a key factor for achieving technological breakthrough. At present, only the software upgrade has reached the 7th edition. And the optimized matching of each assembly ensures that the vehicle works in a low fuel consumption area and maximizes the value of the user."

Industry experts believe that in the current situation that some of the State III heavy truck products do not meet the requirements of the users, Shaanxi Automobile, the first Chinese company to carry out R&D of the State III products, has launched a new upgraded second generation III heavy truck, again demonstrating the Technical strength and the value of its gold industry chain. The introduction of the second generation III heavy truck will definitely bring greater value to the users, and it will also promote the upgrading of China's State III heavy truck technology and continue to write a new splendor of fuel economy.
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