Phase Detector (RTL-1000D)

Model NO.: RTL-1000D
Control: Computer Control
Weight: 180g
Power Source: AC220V
Oil Cylinder Position: Under
Clamp Lead Length: 0.5m: Meter Weight: 180g(with Battery)
Trademark: Refine
Specification: SGS
Origin: China
HS Code: 90303390

Description / Features
1. Safe and Time Saving: Traditional phase sequence measurement methods must poke the three-phase wire terminal, and connect the three bare alligator clips or test pins of phase sequence meters to the three bare firing lines, while RTL-1000D uses clamp non-contact measurement, without taking off the wire and no need to contact high-voltage bare fire-wire, the test can be made by directly clamping the three-phase insulating sheath by three super-sensitive high-insulated clamps. Conducting measurement on sheathed cable significantly improves the safety of field testing, effectively protect the operator's personal safety and increase productivity!

2. Convenient Operation: Instrument base plate is provided with magnet, instrument can adsorbed on the metal shell when testing, the operation more convenient.

3. Multi-Purpose In addition to phase sequence detection, it also has the functions of live wire examination, simple power detection, fire-wire identification, phase deficiency determination, break location detection, DC line break and line maintenance, equivalent to 3 induction electric pens.  

4. Dynamic Display LED dynamic display, intuitive and clear

5. Sensitive and reliable More sensitive RTL-1000D clamp, can even sense the AC voltage signal as low as a few Volts, with a wider range of live electricity.

6. Beautiful and scientific The three clamps of RTL-1000D are in three colors, Red, Yellow and Green; It is more in line with the distinction of three-phase line, and more scientific and artistic overall appearance.

6. Ultra-low Power Consumption RTL-1000D has a better power-saving performance with the maximum rated power of 100mVA.

Model RTL-1000D
Functions Phase detection (normal phase, reverse phase and phase deficiency), Live wire examination, Simple Power detection, Breakpoint location and Line maintenance.  
Power Supply DC3V AA Mn batteries (R6P) ×2 PCS, Continuously working for 200 hours
AC Voltage Range(V) AC0~600V, 40~70Hz (Sine Wave Continuous Input)
Clamp Wire Size Diameter ø10-ø40mm
LED Display Positive Phase Sequence
The four phase-sequence lamps blink in order (clockwise).
Negative Phase Sequence
The four phase-sequence lamps blink in order (counterclockwise).
Line-voltage IndicationL1,L2,L3  lamp light up.
Default PhaseL1/L2/L3  lamp is off.
Open CircuitL1/L2/L3  lamp is off.
Power On Indication Power On indication light turns on
Auto Power off  After 5minutes, the meter automatically cut off power supply.
Meter Dimension Width, height, thickness 70mm*75mm*30mm
Clamp Lead Length 0.5m
Meter Weight 180g (with battery)
Working Temperature and Humidity -10ºC~55ºC; below 80%rh
Storage Temperature and Humidity -20ºC~60ºC; below 90%rh
Maximum Measured Voltage AC600V
Dielectric Strength 5.4kVrms
Maximum rated Power 100mVA
Safety Provisions EN61010-1: 2001, EN61010-031: 2002, Pollution level 2, CAT III(600V), Transient over-voltage 6000V
Accessories  Meter: 1 Piece; Carrying case; 1 Piece.

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