Equipment Manufacturing Successful Application (TOFD) Test

Recently, a new physicochemical detection technology, the ultrasonic diffraction time difference (TOFD) method, was successfully applied in Zhenhai ethylene engineering equipment manufacturing contracted by Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd. It not only solved the constraints of the gamma source detection time and surrounding environmental factors. , but also greatly improved in the detection efficiency.

In order to cooperate with the Beijing Olympic Games, according to the notice during the event, the gamma source was used to cancel the physical and chemical inspection of the weld bead. After receiving approval from the Bureau of Special Equipment Safety Supervision of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, and obtaining the approval of the Beijing SEI and other related design agencies and owners, the company began implementing the TOFD ray inspection instead of the γ source film for the detection and inspection of welds.

In practical applications, the expected results have been achieved through actual physical and chemical testing of gasoline separation towers (4 loops, diameters of 13.2 meters) and quench towers (4 longitudinal seams) of Zhenhai ethylene engineering large-scale equipment.


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