Xianning starts the boiler renovation work

On the 14th, the Leading Group of Joint Prevention and Control of Air Pollution Prevention and Control of Xianning City formally issued the Implementation Plan for the Retirement of Highly Polluted Fuel Boilers in the Downtown Area of ​​Xianning, and started the elimination of high-polluting fuel boilers in the central city to eliminate air pollution and improve air quality. surroundings.

According to the plan, Xianning Hot Spring, Yong'an City and Xianning High-tech Zone, and Xian'an Phoenix Industrial Park, Fushan Office, Maqiao Town, Tingyu Town, Guanyiqiao Town, Xiangyanghu Town, Henggouqiao Town and other places will The first batch of high-polluting fuel boilers in the region will be phased out or replaced with clean energy such as natural gas by December 31 this year. Before June 30, 2016, the completion of clean energy projects such as the elimination or conversion of high-polluting fuel boilers in the region to natural gas will be completed. .

According to the principle of prioritized use, the renovation and elimination must require enterprises and institutions to give priority to clean energy such as natural gas. Within the coverage of natural gas pipelines, it is recommended to transform them into natural gas boilers; boilers with smaller tonnages are recommended to be replaced with regenerative electric boilers; in the absence of the above conditions, the boilers may be considered to be fueled with biomass fuels. At the same time, the compulsory elimination method requires all small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers under the jurisdiction to complete clean energy substitution within the prescribed time limit.

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