Nine Attentions in the Use and Maintenance of Automobile Air Conditioning in Summer

Summer heat is very important for car owners. To create a cool and comfortable interior space, proper use of air conditioning and necessary maintenance of air conditioning are essential. Who does not use air conditioning? In fact, the correct use and maintenance methods can not only bring you a cool summer, but also prolong the service life of the air conditioner. The following air conditioners may be helpful for you.

Note 1: Air conditioning conversion should be careful not to promote the modification of the car's air conditioning, because the original air conditioning and the car's engine are matched, such as free to modify, will affect the car's performance.

Note 2: Air conditioning temperature should not be too low Select the right air conditioning temperature is the first step in air conditioning maintenance. Due to the hot weather, many car owners like to adjust the temperature too low, which will affect their health. Under normal circumstances, the temperature in the compartment and the outside temperature should be different by 5 °C to 6 °C, that is, the optimal temperature for air conditioning is 18 °C to 25 °C.

Note 3: Controlling the direction of the air outlets Since we think that there is a wealth of physical knowledge, we must remember the principle of the sinking of cold air and the rise of hot air. Don't forget to use it for living. Automobile air conditioning outlet principle: open the air outlet when the air conditioning, open the air outlet when the heating down.

Note 4: Don't turn it on too long We know you're not bad, but still encourage you to turn off the air conditioner properly while driving. Prolonged use of air conditioning can cause excessive pressure on the condenser, which can cause losses in the refrigeration system. Therefore, if the temperature in the car already makes you feel comfortable, you may wish to turn off the air conditioner for a while, let it rest and rest for a while.

Note 5: How long has it been for you to open a large amount of wind and fear of noise? Properly let it sing a big Jiangdong go! When the air conditioner is in use, it will inhale a lot of dust, and regularly open a large wind energy to blow out the dust on the inner surface of the air duct. The most simple method is most effective.

Note 6: Low-speed driving and shutting off the air-conditioner When the air-conditioner runs at a low speed, try to turn off the air-conditioner. When the traffic is stopped, do not make the engine run at a higher speed in order to improve the air-conditioning performance. This will shorten the service life of the engine and the air-conditioning compressor.

Note 7: The switch program should keep in mind that shutting down the air conditioner and then shutting off the engine will ensure that the vehicle will start the engine at the next startup. Conversely, air conditioners that are not completely turned off will start with the engine. This will damage the engine at high load. Many car owners often think of turning off the air conditioners after they turn off. Therefore, the air conditioner should be turned off and then turned off after each stop. It is best to start the air conditioner after the vehicle is started for two or three minutes and the engine is lubricated.

Note 8: Slow down in the hot sun. Vehicles parked in the hot sun for long periods of time with air conditioning. The temperature inside the cabin is very high. In this case, do not use the air conditioner immediately after starting the vehicle. All windows should be opened for ventilation and hot air should be exhausted. Wait for the temperature in the cabin to drop, then close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. In addition, the air conditioner should not be turned on and off frequently to prevent damage to the air conditioning system. Especially for the pickup truck type, repeated switching of the air conditioner should be avoided when the goods are shipped in a short time.

Note 9: Try not to smoke the air conditioner in the car. When the air conditioner is in the car, the occupant should not smoke in the car. If you smoke, please turn the air conditioning ventilation control to the outer circulation position. It should also be noted that it is important to remember not to rest or sleep for a long time in an open air-conditioned stop-gear. When the vehicle is parked, the air-tight closed cabin has poor ventilation. If the air-conditioner is at rest or sleeping at this time, harmful gases emitted by the engine may leak into the vehicle, causing poisoning and even life.

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