Taxi call plan upgrade management mode

Taxi call plan upgrade management mode

Industry analysts pointed out that the Ministry of Communications intends to standardize the management of the taxi call market and the starting point is to promote sound development of the industry. However, the construction of a unified e-call platform across the country involves the integration of telephone resources such as traditional telephone calls, mobile phone software and the Internet, and system matching. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources, who will invest, who will build, and who Operation will become a new problem. If it fails to form a business model that adapts to the market, its sustainable development will also face challenges.

In the case of limited urban public transport resources, improving efficiency and lowering the idling rate is one aspect of taxiing software approved by the regulatory authorities. According to a research report on “The Economic and Social Impact of Taxi Software” conducted by the Media Survey Laboratory of Tsinghua University, 90.3% of drivers believe that the vacancy rate has been reduced after using taxi software. Among them, 41.2% of drivers think that the monthly air-carrying rate has dropped by 10% to 30%. The drop in the idling rate is due to the location-based information push and match of the taxi software.

The "Notice" stipulates that the competent department of urban transportation shall instruct mobile phone software car information service providers and other parties concerned to further improve the function settings of the city taxi service management information system and the mobile phone car calling software, and realize the immediate need for car demand information. No-load taxi push and broadcast.

One taxi driver in Beijing, who used taxi drivers for more than a year, told reporters that such a rule obviously did not understand the characteristics of taxi drivers. Pushing based on geographic location, rather than empty driving, is the key to reducing the idling rate. The specific scenario is that if the driver is sending guests to place A and someone in A is calling for a car, the driver can do it without stopping when he is close to A. If you only push to an empty car, it is not the most efficient way for passengers and drivers.

Zhao Chao, a legal expert, pointed out that the issue of fare increase by taxi drivers should be treated differently because the driver’s fare increase is totally different from the nature of autonomous fare increase – the former violates the management of taxi tariffs, while the latter is similar to tipping and does not harm the rights of passengers. The focus of supervision should be the former. In addition, the "Notice" also stipulates that the taxi application software must implement communication with the transportation management department on the 10th day in advance of the implementation of the market incentive plan, and announce the reward plan and time limit to the society 5 days in advance. Zhao Occupied that the type of incentive plan and marketing plan implemented by taxi companies as market players is an independent business scope, and the traffic control department should not interfere.

The reporter learned that there was a call to the taxi app and the two companies of Yan and Kui kept a high degree of attention to the “Notice”. A fast insider told the reporter that, in fact, prior to the issuance of the “notice”, local transportation and transportation management departments had different regulations and specifications for taxi drivers, and taxi drivers could make appropriate adjustments according to different city regulations. Adapt to local policies. What is worrying now is that once the “Notice” is issued as an official document, all local administrative departments will have unified supervision basis. If all cities in the country are uniformly supervised according to the current contents, it will be fatal for taxi companies. The blow.

Zhao Shuguang believes that the taxi APP call, government supervision should focus on establishing a free market competition, the government to play a referee role, to avoid the interests of vested interest groups and backward platforms. In addition, it can be seen that taxi companies have shown a positive attitude in adjusting the amount of subsidies, avoiding the influence of market rules, and cooperating with the government in establishing a shared database.

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