Compressor industry "equipment world" is not a dream

When China creates a new starting line, whoever responds slowly will lose out. Whoever can grasp the general trend and “intelligence” will be able to seize the opportunity to occupy the commanding height of future equipment manufacturing. Making “Made in China” to “Made in China” and letting compressors go out of the country’s “Equipment World” has been written into the veritable “general strategy” of compressors to speed up the promotion of the compressor industry in the new normal. Compressor industry as a leader in the equipment manufacturing industry, its "intellectual" change is related to the compressor's "quality" change.

The country is accelerating the advancement of new-type industrialization and will start a new batch of major projects. As the basic industry of new industrialization, the dawn of accelerated development of equipment manufacturing, including compressors, has emerged. For example, a group of companies such as Kaishan Group and Shengu Group have achieved rapid development in the field of equipment automation and intelligentization. A number of key components and intelligent complete sets of equipment have been industrialized and can be fully enhanced through technological innovation and market promotion. The advanced equipment manufacturing industry centered on "smart manufacturing of robots" is taking the lead.

The development of the compressor industry is not simply to expand reproduction. Instead, it must focus on the advantages sector of the compressor and accelerate the integration of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology, and intelligent technology to promote the development of the compressor industry from the production of traditional equipment to production of intelligent equipment. Equipment to provide complete sets of equipment, from assembly line production to personalized production and convenience services.

All in all, "China's intellectual creation" is to use equipment manufacturing as a strategic support industry to build a modern industrial system, and strive to build an internationally competitive and important national advanced equipment manufacturing base!

The famous barrel theory tells us how much water a barrel can hold depends on the shortest board.

With the advent of the "Internet" era, there has been a corresponding change in barrel theory: When you tilt the bucket, you will find that how much water you can hold depends on your longest board (core competitiveness). That is to say, as long as you have the awareness of a "complete barrel", especially if you have a long board that is long enough to deploy around this long board, and you can complete your own short board through independent or cooperative methods, you can Make the most profit for you.

"Made in China 2025" is a long-term system project and will be a comprehensive consideration for the development of an industry.

In the evolutionary path from "manufacturing" to "intellectual building," the "China Made 2025" compressor industry should "select the right point and go the right way" from the core competitiveness, not only to have already possessed the industrial base, but also to have the first-mover advantage. As one's own long board, do everything possible to extend the long board, to maximize the advantages, but also do everything possible to make up their own short boards, it may really enter the "leader camp."

How should the compressor industry complement its weaknesses? The first is to promote the intelligent transformation of traditional compressor companies and implement the "machine substitution" project. The second is to target industry leaders and advanced technologies to speed up the introduction and foreign cooperation. The third is to focus on the immediate situation and cultivate a batch of basic and qualified robot companies to become bigger and stronger. Fourth, speed up the construction of carriers and improve the public service platform.

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