Southwest Research Institute looks forward to working with Yuchai

Walter P. Groff Jr. (second from left) showed great interest in Yuchai's engine products

On September 8, Walter P. Groff Jr., Senior Vice President of Southwest Research Institute, Mark Tussing, Director of Engine Design and Development, Robert W. Burrahm, Chief Representative of Beijing Office, and Xi Minmei, Senior Manager of Beijing Office Four people visited Yuchai and held talks with high-level leaders of Yuchai.

"Excellent!" When asked about Yuchai's laboratory and workshop, several U.S. guests gave thumbs-ups to reporters. Accompanied by Lin Zhiqiang, the vice president of the Engineering Research Institute, the guests visited Yuchai's laboratory, heavy machine processing workshop, and heavy machinery installation test workshop with great interest. During the visit, they carefully examined the development of Yuchai. , Production equipment, and showed great interest in Yuchai's engine products.

Photo of Li Tiansheng (center) and Walter P. Groff Jr. (second from right)

With the purpose of strengthening cooperation and seeking further development opportunities, guests of the Southwest Research Institute of the United States held business talks with Yuchai management personnel. Li Tiansheng, general manager of the Company, Liang Heping, executive deputy general manager of the company, Zhuo Bin, director of the Engineering Research Institute, and Chen Huiwen, chairman of Gaorun, attended the talks. At the meeting, the two sides exchanged ideas on the technical aspects of automotive chemicals and discussed topics such as the development of Yuchai's lubricants and technological upgrading. Li Tiansheng welcomed the visit of the leaders of the Southwest Research Institute of the United States. After briefly introducing the recent development of Yuchai, he expressed his hope to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Southwest Research Institute of the United States and promote the development of both parties. Walter P. Groff Jr. said that he looks forward to further cooperation with Yuchai and hopes to provide support for Yuchai’s technological advancement. He told reporters: "We are ready to meet the challenge and have confidence in the win-win cooperation with Yuchai!"

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