Jiangling light truck "great greed for all" push Kairui to enter the light truck market

For a long time, Jiangling Light Trucks, a leader in the market, has focused on high-end, small-load quality products and has brought its competitive advantages to the extreme. However, a forthcoming Jiangling Kai Rui product has broken the limitation of Jiangling's product line, which means that Jiangling Light Truck has begun its expansion of "great greed for perfection."

The listing of Jiangling Kai Rui light trucks shows that Jiangling light trucks have developed toward large specifications and perfect product lines. “Kairui is the first large light truck we introduced, or we call it a wide-body light truck,” said Liu Jingxian, a brand manager of Jiangling Motors’ light truck brand. “The listing of Jiangling? Kairui will mean that there will be high-end wide in the Chinese market. Body truck.

High-end wide body light trucks compete

When it comes to wide-body light trucks, many logistics companies are not unfamiliar. This is a type of light truck that is large in terms of both specifications and load quality. The wheelbase covers a wide range of 3.3m to 5.2m. Jianghuai Weiling and Dongfeng Dolika are typical representatives of this type of wide-body light truck. The prominent feature of this type of light truck is its heavy load capacity (4 to 8 tons of deadweight, even more than 10 tons of illegal overload), and its shape is not as bulky as a medium truck. It is the rapid development of China’s macroeconomic and high-speed road network construction that has brought about the vigorous development of wide-body light trucks, mainly medium and long-distance freight, which currently account for 15% of the total light truck industry.

Currently, the biggest features of Jianghuai Weiling and Dongfeng Dolika on the market are economical and practical. At the same time, they also expose the problems of slow speed, insufficient comfort, and stability of product quality to be improved. In the past, because of cheap prices, customers were not particularly critical of this type of problem, especially in the initial stage of the initial stage of the individual transport business. However, as a large number of individual transporters have completed the initial accumulation and the emergence of more and more large-scale and powerful logistics enterprises, their requirements for freight vehicles are also getting higher and higher: in addition to high efficiency, they also pay attention to comfort. High security.

According to Liu Jingxian, Jiangling Kairui responded to this demand. The newly-listed Jiangling Kai Rui is the first wide-body light truck with a wheelbase of 3.36m. Its load capacity is equivalent to that of JAC and Dongfeng, but its maximum speed is 115km/h. At the same time, there is a significant increase in safety and comfort relative to traditional wide-body light trucks.

During an interview with Jiangling Motors, the reporter also learned that Qingling, a veteran opponent of Jiangling, will also launch its new 700P wide-body light truck. It seems that this pair of competitors must start a new battle in new areas. This gave us a signal: China's wide-body light trucks began to develop to the high-end, high-end wide-body light trucks represented by Jiangling Kai Rui and Qingling 700P and traditional low-end wide-body trucks represented by Jianghuai Weiling and Dongfeng Duolika. The contest will also kick off.

Jiangling Kairui's "preemptive"

It is reported that Jiangling Kairui is a joint research and development of China, the United States and Japan. After three years, it has invested nearly 70 million yuan. It not only absorbed the quality technology of Japan Isuzu, but also integrated into Ford's “safe, reliable and trustworthy” concept of building a car. It passed the most demanding localization verification of nearly 2 million kilometers and reached the current domestic level in terms of efficiency, comfort, and safety. The highest level of models.

Efficiency is a problem that truck users are most concerned about, and Jiangling Kairui has created a new benchmark in this regard. First, the 4JB1 electronically controlled high pressure common rail Euro III engine adopted by Jiangling Kairui can be upgraded to the Euro V standard. The maximum safety speed is 115km/h, while the fuel consumption per 100km is only 8L. Second, the Bearing capacity is strong. Jiangling Kairui adopts through-type, riveted structure reinforcement thickened chassis design, one-time stamping molding technology and international advanced riveting welding technology, the body up to 3700 welding points and evenly arranged, fine workmanship, to ensure the chassis's super strong The bearing capacity is about 10% larger than the wide body load capacity of the same specifications on the market today. Cab space is more spacious.

Jiangling Kairui chassis frame beam is the frame type, straight vertical beam side cross section, through type, and riveted structural girder jointly developed by the latest American Ford and Japan Isuzu. The chassis is 100mm wide (wide body) wider than the conventional interior model. Beam thickened 2mm, should be considered very strong.

In addition to drawing on foreign advanced experience, domestic commercial vehicles are the most demanding localization verification. Among them, the steady-state experiment lasted for 6 months, and through the steady-state swing test, snake test, positive steering performance test, steering portable test and two steering transient response tests, six demanding tests ensured the first-class operational stability.

Jiangling Kairui is undoubtedly the most comfortable one among the wide body light trucks. First of all, the addition of value-added enjoyment is a major feature of Jiangling Kai Rui. Based on the straight line, the square front with a round shape, simple and stylish. Remote-controlled central locking, humanized breathable sunroof, logical advanced audio combination and single-chip CD bring customers more fatigue buffer and highlight the taste. In addition, Jiangling Kairui standard high-power heating and cooling integrated air conditioner can quickly reduce from 55 degrees to 19.5 degrees in 20 minutes, but also can quickly rise from -18 degrees to 20 degrees; warm in winter and cool in summer is already the most basic enjoy.

Jiangling Kairui is only the “little younger brother” of Jiangling’s wide-body light truck family. Larger-scale products will also be asked in the coming year. Jiangling’s involvement in wide-body trucks undoubtedly pushed wide-body trucks into a direction that focused more on efficiency, safety, and comfort. At the same time, it also gave the traditional wide-body light truck manufacturers greater competitive pressure. However, this is only a beginning, and whether Jiangling’s strategy of “great greed for perfection” is ultimately successful requires consumer testing.

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