Indian Concrete Machinery Development and Market Characteristics

India's concrete machinery market features remarkable
At present, Indian commercial concrete machinery and markets mainly exhibit the following characteristics: (1) Equipment procurement is concentrated in the hands of a few people.
It is understood that the number of concrete mixing stations required in India each year is about 500 units, and will continue to increase afterwards. The purchasing power of these equipments is mostly concentrated in the hands of dozens of commercial concrete companies. Most of the headquarters of these companies are located in the commercial center city of Mumbai, and each company will distribute products throughout the country according to market conditions. This is different from the situation in our country. In China, the normal mode of operation is that several merchants get together on a mixing station, and there are also enterprises that go to the mixing station on the field. However, very few commercial concrete companies or companies are located in the country, except for the China Railway System. Nor has it heard of which concrete company's annual fixed purchase volume is around 50 sets. This is a huge difference between the Indian market and the Chinese market. Different modes of economic operation require us to deal with different business methods. That is to say, if we take these top ten companies, we can do the market in India. (2) Market share is concentrated in the hands of German manufacturers
India's annual demand for 500 sets of concrete machinery accounts for 4/5 of the market share in the hands of German manufacturers. This will increase the difficulty of competition for China's concrete machinery manufacturers. There are two main reasons for this fact: First, Germany's national reputation has been recognized anywhere in the world, and the world generally believes that German technology is the first. In the visit to India, the writer has been constantly educating us on this point. Second, German companies have factories in India, which not only reduces tariffs by 32%, but also solves the problems most concerned by users such as after-sales services and parts supply.
Related issues should attract attention
Since in India, procurement of concrete machinery and equipment is concentrated in the hands of several large companies, the personnel responsible for procurement of each company are extremely experienced. In the negotiation, only with sufficient theory and experience can we accept them psychologically, and proceed to the next procedure. In general experience, special attention needs to be paid to the following points.
(1) The model with a fixed demand The Indian market for concrete concrete machinery has long been occupied by German manufacturers. Due to the German style of doing things, Indian practitioners basically form a fixed model of concrete mixing stations. In the early stages of entering this market, we will have to follow this style for quite a long period of time. The configuration and form of equipment is very Long periods will also operate in this mode. Only if we adapt to them can we better influence and change them.
(2) The safety requirements are relatively high. Indians generally have higher safety requirements. We feel strongly when we visit several mixing stations in India. In India, anyone who enters a concrete mixing plant site, security guards will send you a safety helmet after you register. In the past decades, the author has visited countless mixing plant factories under construction and built in various forms, various manufacturers, and various systems in China. Few managers have ever provided helmets for the author. It can be seen that the Indians’ safety requirements are very high. The requirements for the safety protection of the equipment itself are also relatively high. Chinese enterprises such as fences are relatively easy to do, and the Indian metropolis proposes more detailed and safer requirements.
(3) Humanized requirements are relatively high. Most of the repair holes we design are relatively small, and maintenance personnel cannot successfully enter. For example, in China, the side of the spiral machine installed on the second floor of many mixing stations is mostly unable to pass through, and either passes down or crosses over it. These are issues that should be avoided when products are shipped abroad.
(4) India's control system problems. This is a big problem, and it is also the biggest problem. The equipment control system for concrete mixing plants sent abroad by China is developed under the Chinese environment. In order to adapt to the foreign market, only the English translation of the interface and the related parts of the output are generally performed. This not only has the problem of copyright, but also it is difficult to operate normally in the pure English environment, which brings endless hidden dangers to the maintenance of the control system. In addition, if you want to really do a professional job and do a good job in the Indian market, you need to understand the different requirements of Indian industry professionals in terms of interfaces, reports, databases, etc., that is, the problem of India's control system.
(5) Confidence in the execution of contracts Some people consider more from the perspective of cost and profit, and they are more likely to give way to profits in terms of integrity. During the contract negotiation process, everything was promised. If the contract can be replaced during the implementation of the contract, it can be replaced. If it cannot be replaced, it will be replaced. As a result, after the goods arrive in Hong Kong, users will check each other and cause unnecessary legal disputes.
(6) Problems of Service and Parts Supply During our stay in India, almost all customers who talked to us mentioned the problem of service and parts supply. This is an early stage and it is difficult to solve. Every want to enter and have entered India. Market companies must face problems. The most direct and simple solution to this problem is to set up service stations in the area and even set up factories. Or find a local company agent service station. In short, no matter what method, we must fully solve this problem.
In summary, India has a vast market and huge business opportunities. After 30 years of reform and opening up, China's construction machinery manufacturing level has been greatly improved. In the field of construction machinery, we now have only one opponent against the Indian market. That is Germany. Japan and South Korea have already been left behind by us. And Germany also lost to us in the Chinese market. Therefore, we have experience and have reason to believe that in the Indian market we can also beat our opponents.

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