The project “Development and application development of high-end leak detection equipment” passed the acceptance test.

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, the Science and Technology Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology held a comprehensive technical acceptance meeting for the development and application of high-end leak detection equipment in the national major scientific equipment development project in Anhui Puyi Technology Co., Ltd. Comprehensive acceptance of technology organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The acceptance expert group listened to the technical completion report of the project unit, watched the project video, conducted on-site inspection of the instrument, and consulted related materials. The acceptance expert group affirmed the application of the results brought by the project and made relevant suggestions. Previously, the project has passed the preliminary acceptance of technology organized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the financial acceptance organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The comprehensive acceptance of the technology marks the acceptance of the project as a whole.
The project broke through the difficulties of weak signal detection, successfully developed a high-end helium mass spectrometer leak detector, and achieved an important breakthrough in the technical level of domestic high-end helium mass spectrometer leak detection instruments, meeting high-precision leak detection in scientific research, semiconductor, aerospace, accelerator, power and other industries. demand. Through the implementation of this project, the competitive advantage of the domestic cesium mass spectrometer leak detector has been effectively enhanced, and the comprehensive strength of China in the field of non-destructive leak detection has been enhanced.
(Original title: National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Special Project "Development and Application Development of High-end Leak Detection Instruments and Equipment" Project passed the comprehensive acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology)

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