Soil moisture meter provides basic support for precision irrigation

The current serious shortage of water resources and the development needs of modern agriculture require continuous improvement of the utilization rate of agricultural water, and realizing accurate and real-time irrigation of crops. Therefore, this requires the use of scientific soil testing instruments such as soil moisture meters in modern agricultural production. The determination of the current soil moisture status. Since the accuracy of soil moisture information collection directly relates to the accuracy of irrigation, it can be said that soil moisture meters provide the basis for accurate irrigation.
Precision irrigation is to perform irrigation operations according to the needs of crops. The advantage is that not only can improve the utilization of water, reduce water resources, but also can fully adjust the enthusiasm of the action of the water and nutrients in the soil, improve the quality of crop production. The precision irrigation is based on field cultivation. According to the process of crop growth, modern monitoring methods are used to monitor the status of each growth and development process of the crop and the status of environmental factors. According to the monitoring results, precise irrigation measures are applied to crops. Strict and effective irrigation is applied to ensure the crop needs during its growth. Therefore, in this process, the most basic unit is the soil moisture meter. Only through the data measured by it can we decide whether to open the water valve and the opening time.
In other words, the premise of precise irrigation implementation is to understand the moisture content in agricultural soils, and therefore put forward higher requirements for the measurement of soil moisture status. The soil moisture meter uses a soil moisture sensor to measure the soil moisture content in real time. According to the measured data, the irrigation work can be performed according to the suitable soil moisture at different growth stages of the crop, and it can meet the water demand in each growth period of the crop. At the same time, achieve the effect of saving water, increasing production and improving crop quality.
The application also shows that the application of soil moisture meter in precision irrigation of modern agriculture is feasible and necessary. With the increasing requirements of modern agricultural irrigation, soil moisture meters have been gradually applied throughout the country.

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