Shanghai Opto-Mechanical Co., Ltd. is making progress in the color difference compensation of the femtosecond laser system

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, Zhu Jianqiang, a researcher at the High-Power Laser Physics Joint Laboratory of the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made progress in the study of the color difference compensation of the femtosecond laser system, and proposed a system-wide implementation. Dynamic and accurate pre-compensation scheme for chromatic aberration and experimental verification on the SG-II 5PW femtosecond laser system. Related research results are published in [Optics Express 27, 12, (2019)].
Schematic diagram of color difference precompensation scheme
The color difference is mainly derived from the large-diameter transmission element in the high-power laser system. For the femtosecond laser system, the chromatic aberration causes severe space-time distortion, reduces the peak power density of the terminal focus, and affects system performance. Although the traditional chromatic aberration compensation method can compensate the system chromatic aberration to a certain extent, it lacks the dynamic adjustment function, so it is difficult to strictly compensate the system chromatic aberration.
In order to solve this problem, the research team proposed a pre-compensation scheme consisting of a positive-negative lens group and a reflection system to form a confocal image transmission system to achieve dynamic and accurate compensation for the system-wide chromatic aberration. The dynamic pre-compensation scheme has the advantages of low cost, convenient adjustment, good beam quality, and the like, and can provide a large dynamic range chromatic aberration compensation amount when a relatively small aperture is incident.
Based on this scheme, the chromatic aberration pre-compensation device is designed for the SG-II 5PW femtosecond laser system. After the chromatic aberration compensation, the focusing performance of the SG-II 5PW system is significantly improved. The peak power density of the focus is about 20 times higher than that before the compensation. . The research results show that the color pre-compensation scheme can accurately compensate the chromatic aberration of the whole system of high-power ultrashort pulse laser.
Relevant research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Youth Fund.

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