Rudong: Promote grain dryers to enter the farm

On the 14th, nearly 2,000 acres of wheat were harvested at Pengjing Family Farm in Group 24 of Gaoqian Village, Gaodian Village, Shuangdian Town, Rudong County. The farmer Yuan Yufeng pointed to the grain drying center running day and night, saying: “A heavy rain last year caused 13 tons. The mildew of wheat was determined this year to buy 8 dryers. The number of days of the wheat harvest was more than last year but a grain of wheat was not bad.”

“In the past four years, our county has adopted financial subsidy, vigorously promoted grain dryers to enter family farms, and 200 sets of drying equipment have been harvested this summer, harvesting the fruits of harvest for the major grain producers and adding an insurance policy.” Rudong County Bureau of Agricultural Machinery Zhang Yuhua said.

Outside, it rained. The Cao Yu Town National Bing Agricultural Machinery Service Cooperative dried up 4 dryers in the workshop. The forklift was busy transporting the piles of wheat to the machine. The two workers used a shovel to send the wheat to the dryer. machine. Lu Guobing, head of the cooperative, said that 40 tons of wheat have been dried since the dryer was turned on at the end of May. In addition to meeting their own needs, they also provide on-demand drying services, and charge 0.07 yuan per kilogram of wheat for drying. Every day, a large number of farming families come to dry.

In recent years, if Rudong vigorously supported the development of grain drying mechanization, grain drying machinery will provide a total of 29,340 yuan per fixed allowance. Rudong also took out 5 million yuan each year to encourage family farms and large grain producers to use grain drying technology. Since the beginning of this year, 25 food drying centers have been added. At present, 46 drying centers have been established in the county.

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