Guangdong Zhuhai Testing Institute identified two scientific research projects as domestic advanced

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] On August 1st, Zhuhai Testing Institute "Research on the performance of PE tube hot-melt friction device and joint based on solid-state connection technology" and "Development of lifting tool based on laser tracking technology" two research projects It has passed the appraisal of Guangdong Measurement and Control Technology and Equipment Application Promotion Association and Guangzhou Instrument and Control Society, and has been rated as domestic advanced level.
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The project of "PE tube hot-melt friction device and joint performance based on solid-state connection process" combines friction welding technology with hot-melt welding technology, does not change the hot-melt welding process, and only introduces rotation in the middle of two PE pipes to be welded. The circular plate replaces the traditional heating plate, and is in close contact with the end faces of the PE pipes to be welded, and rotates at a high speed to generate heat by friction, so that the end faces of the pipes to be welded are plasticized for the purpose of subsequent connection. The equipment developed by the project is well reflected by the user, the welding process is stable, the joint quality is excellent and reliable, and the forged structure with similar joint structure rarely has defects such as pores and cracks, and the joint strength even exceeds the strength of the base metal, which reduces the quality of the quality inspectors. While supervising the burden of inspection, it solved some of the safety hazards of the owner using the PE pipe from the source.
The project "Development of hoisting machinery inspection instrument based on laser tracking technology" proposes a hoisting machinery detection method and corresponding instrument based on laser tracking measurement technology. The instrument includes controller, host, reflective target ball, and controller to track the target ball. The three-dimensional coordinates of the reflected target ball can be measured in real time, and the inspection of the arching degree, the deflection, the cantilever uplift, the straightness and height difference of the track, the span of the wheel, and the span of the wheel can be realized. The multi-modal measurement mode of the instrument is convenient for on-site inspection applications, and has the characteristics of convenient application and good automatic degree.
(Original title: Two scientific research projects in Zhuhai Testing Institute are identified as domestic advanced)

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