The first advanced performance efficiency standard for Chinese pump products has passed the certification

On October 18th, at the National Standards Review Meeting organized by the National Energy Foundation and Management Standardization Technical Committee, the revised National Standard for Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Conservation Evaluation Value of Qingshui Centrifugal Pumps was approved. The target energy efficiency limit value required by the standard is an advanced performance indicator. The validation will recommend that the indicator be implemented three years after the implementation of the standard. This is the first advanced performance efficiency standard for China's pump products, which will greatly affect the pump industry in China. Overall development.

According to Zhang Xin, the first drafter of the standard and the engineer of the China National Institute of Standardization, most of the energy efficiency standards that have been issued in China are current standards. The current status standard is usually implemented within half a year after the standard is released. The main goal is to eliminate the lowest-end high-energy products in the market, guide energy conservation, and improve the energy efficiency of products. However, the current status standards do not fully tap the energy-saving potential of enterprises, and it is difficult to have a sustainable impact on industry development and industrial energy conservation. The advanced standard is a new standard implementation method in the world. It has been widely adopted in developed countries in the field of energy conservation.

According to the information provided by the Secretariat of the National Energy Foundation and Management Standardization Technical Committee, at present, China's industrial energy consumption has exceeded 70% of the total annual electricity consumption, and pump products are large energy consumers, accounting for about 20% of total industrial energy consumption. . Among them, the clear water centrifugal pump accounts for more than half of the pump product output. Pump products are widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial, construction and other fields, and the volume is large. Even if the energy efficiency of pump products is slightly increased, it can bring huge energy savings. The energy efficiency of pump products can be improved. Bring a lot of benefits.

According to reports, the standard specifies the basic requirements of the clear water centrifugal pump, energy efficiency limit value, target energy efficiency limit value and energy conservation evaluation value. The scope of application of the revised standard includes single-stage single-suction clear water centrifugal pump, single-stage double-suction clear water centrifugal pump and multi-stage clear water centrifugal pump.

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