"Bohai Gold Pearl" round invested in operation in Bohai Bay

At present, the signing ceremony for the first passenger rolling ship, the “Bohai Gold Pearl” round of the first flight celebration and the “Bohai Pearl” and “Bohai Yuzhu” shipbuilding ceremony was held in Yantai Port.

The total length of the “Bohai Gold Pearl” is 161.2 meters, the width is 24.8 meters, the full displacement is 14,000 tons, the 1800 meters driveway, more than 200 vehicles can be loaded, and 1,128 passengers are carried. The technology has filled the domestic gap and reached the international Advanced level.

Li Kezhen, president of China Classification Society, said that the construction of the “Bohai Jinzhu” wheel takes into account the characteristics of passenger transportation in the Bohai Bay. The ship adopts many advanced technologies not yet adopted in international conventions, including channel equipment, lifting platforms, lifting The construction of ramps, shovel guards and sealed doors is the first of its kind in China.

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