Shangrao Machinery Factory cement bucket machine won the new product award

Shangrao Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of cement conveying equipment in China. The 5,000-ton chain bucket machine developed by the factory has recently won the National New Product Award.

In 2003, Shangrao Machinery Factory successfully developed the first domestically produced 5000-ton chain bucket conveyor and put it into use. In just two years, it produced 38 sets of 5,000 tons of chain fighting machines. This achievement has filled the domestic gap and contributed to the localization of large-scale cement transportation equipment.

At present, the 5,000-ton bucket machine produced by Shangrao Machinery Plant has been exported to Pakistan, Dominica and other countries, and successfully entered the international market.

K72 series 4-jaw independent chucks adopt threaded transmission structure to move jaws independently by threaded bars to clamp workpieces .

I: Classification

According to the connecting type with spindle into the short-cylinder chucks and short-taper chucks.

1. The short-cylinder chucks connected with the machine spindle through adapter plate .

2. The short-taper chucks mounted to the machine spindle directly.They are of the feartures of short overhung,fine rigidity,high centering accuracy and easy installing etc.

According to the chuck body material into Nodular cast iron(QT) and Steel (G)

1. Nodular cast iron(QT) chucks precision machine have high speed,large gripping force.

2. Steel (G) chucks have high speed,high clamping force,long using life eta.

II: Model Instruction:


(1) is  chuck size,chuck diameter D+/-5%

(2) is chuck matched with jaw type

One -piece jaw:

Chuck matched with one -piece jaw which include a set of internal jaw and set of external ones,this item without marked in type

Two-piece jaw

Chuck matched with traditional two-piece jaw,type is C

Chuck matched with two-piece jaw that conform to ISO3442 standard type is A

Chuck matched with two-piece jaw that conform to ISO3442 standard but the base jaw can't clamp type is D

(3) is Mounting type of short-taper chuck matched with machine spindle and machine spindle nose No.

Mounting type of short-taper chuck matched with machine spindle are A2,C,D, and machine spindle nose Numbers are 3,4,5,6,8,11,15,20.

FormA1: mounting from front

Form C:  Mounting with studs and locknuts

Form D: Mounting with rod for camlocks

****SHORT-CYLINDRICAL center mounting chucks with marked this item .

(4) is Chuck body material : Nodular cast iron is (QT) and Steel is  (G)

III: Main model :



K72 Four Jaw Independent Chucks

Four Jaw Independent Chucks,Four Jaw Independent Chucks Short Taper,K72 Four Jaw Independent Chucks,Four Jaws Chucks

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