Armstrong Pressure Relief Valve

Armstrong self-operated pressure and temperature control valves help you manage your steam, air and liquid systems safely and efficiently by maintaining a constant pressure and temperature in your process control system. In short, Armstrong products help you use resources safely, efficiently, and environmentally.

For many years, Armstrong has been working tirelessly to learn and share knowledge about steam system energy conservation, and to continuously improve related steam system energy-saving products. As one of the many product lines and services we offer, Armstrong's self-operated pressure reducing valves and temperature control valve products once again demonstrate the system service guarantee that Armstrong provides for you.

Why decompression?

To make the equipment safe and efficient, decompression is a key process, the main reasons are:

(i) The steam boiler should be operated at a set pressure. Low-pressure operated boilers are more prone to produce wet steam; therefore, steam is typically produced at high pressures and then decompressed at the point of use.

(2) The higher the steam pressure, the smaller the specific volume; therefore, the pipeline with a diameter can deliver a larger amount of steam. Generally, smaller pipes should be used to generate and transport steam at high pressure, and it is more appropriate to reduce the pressure before use.

(iii) The pressure and temperature of saturated steam are directly related. Some equipment such as sterilizers, pressure cookers, dryers, etc. control the temperature by controlling the pressure.

(iv) If steam is used to inject directly into the hot tub, reducing the pressure will reduce the energy waste caused by the escape of the bubble without condensation. At the same time, it can also reduce noise.

(5) If the steam supply pressure exceeds the limit of the equipment, it must be decompressed, otherwise the equipment may be damaged or even injured.

The self-operated pressure reducing valves provided by Armstrong are divided into three categories according to their internal structure:

★Direct action, features

Smallest volume

Minimal displacement

Accuracy ±10%

cheap price

★Internal pilot piston type, features

Small size

Internal passage eliminates external takeover

Lowest cost of purchase and installation in pilot operated valves

Accuracy is higher than the direct acting ± 5%

★External pilot diaphragm type, features

Maximum displacement

High accuracy ±1%

Good voltage regulation

Need external takeover

★ Pressure reducing valve (composite valve) with control valve, features

Accuracy exceeds external pilot operated pressure reducing valve

For high precision process systems

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