Evergreen has another new ship named in Japan

The 7th Sengoku "Changqiang Wheel" of the Evergreen Group, which has a capacity of 7,024 20-unit vessels, was named on November 22 at the Mitsubishi Shipyard in Mitsubishi, Japan.

Evergreen said that the "Changqiang Wheel" will be delivered in March next year and will be put into operation on the Asia/US Southwest Coast (TPS) line.

The new ship has a capacity of 7,024 20 cabinets and 839 refrigerated container sockets. The ship has a total length of 300 meters and a width of 42.8 meters. The deck can carry 17 rows of containers. The cargo compartment under the deck can carry 15 rows of containers. 14.2 meters, cruising speed of 25.3 knots, and the ultra-Panama limit-type full container wheel built with the Greenship design concept. The hardware equipment has many environmental protection concepts and meets the highest level of environmental protection in the world's advanced countries. It is required that forward-looking planning has been completed for some environmental regulations that are still under discussion.

The environmental features of the Evergreen S-type vessel include double hull, built-in oil tank, tin-free outer panel antifouling paint, low-sulfur fuel system, ship shore power system, and drowning, cargo tank sewage and domestic wastewater storage cabinet. . The company said that this model of the ship was awarded the "Best Ship of the Year" by the Lloyd's Asia Shipping Awards earlier, affirming its superior performance and environmentally friendly design.

Evergreen was the 10 S-type ships ordered by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in July 2003. The first five ships have been put into operation and are currently deployed in the US line. The last five ships are expected to be delivered by 2008 by the speed of one ship every three months from December this year.

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