Downhole permeable accident warning and emergency measures

Although the underground water seepage accident has been greatly reduced in recent years, due to the large amount of water accumulated in the ancient kiln, small kiln, cave, fault and aquifer, when the mining face is close to these locations, the treatment is not good, it will make the product A lot of water is coming. Therefore, there must be no numbness in the water permeable accident.

First, the underground permeable sign

1. The pressure on the top and bottom of the roadway or working face increases, the rock becomes soft, and there is slag, roofing, support deformation or tilting.

2. The side of the stope or the roadway is “sweating”, the roof water is increased, and the floor is suddenly flooded.

3. The stope or roadway is “hanging red”, the acidity of the water is large, and there is a smell of smell or rotten egg.

4. The sound of water that is “squeaky” in the rock formation.

5. A pressure water flow occurs.

6. The air temperature on the working surface is lowered and fogging occurs.

Second, emergency measures

1. When a water leakage accident occurs suddenly in the underground, the underground staff should absolutely obey the unified command of the team leader and retreat according to the pre-arranged retreat route. Do not panic and go to work. In case of disorientation, it must be retreated in the direction of the mountain roadway through which the wind flows.

2. After the accident, if someone is injured, they should actively carry out on-site rescue. The bleeding immediately stops bleeding, and the fractured person should be fixed and transported in time.

3. If a water permeable accident occurs and there is a possibility of gas effluent, the water explorer should bring protective equipment or enhance ventilation at the work place to keep the air fresh and unobstructed. Do not turn off the ventilator.

4. Workers who are isolated by water in the face of the face or up the mountain roadway should be awake and calm, do not panic, try to avoid physical exertion. All underground personnel should also be prepared for long-term adherence. The dry foods should be distributed in a centralized manner, and should not be wasted unnecessarily; the miners of the workers should be shut down and only one lamp should be left for lighting.

5. After the underground water seepage accident occurs, it should be reported to the underground and the in-hole command authority through various channels as soon as possible so as to promptly take rescue measures.

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