China's lighting industry has entered the "stock market" status

Large lighting platform believes that China's lighting industry has entered the "stock market" status

What is the "stock market"? It is a relatively saturated market, that is, a market with low growth or no growth. According to the statistics of CSA, the market scale of China's lighting industry is 364.8 billion yuan in 2011; 419.6 billion yuan in 2012; 470 billion yuan in 2013; 520 billion yuan in 2014; 564 billion yuan in 2015; 758 billion yuan. The growth rate of China's lighting industry market is 20%, 15%, 12%, 10%, 8%, 5.5%.

From this series of data, the future China lighting industry market will be stable at around 600 billion yuan, the growth rate has narrowed, and has entered the "stock market" state! (Note: For the market scale of China's lighting industry, the statistical methods and statistical calibers of different units are different, and the data is also different, but the state reflected by the data is narrowed.)

As China's lighting industry enters the "stock market" state, the market competition of many enterprises and distributors is the competition for the stock market. Due to the rapid growth in previous years, companies and businesses can earn revenue from incremental markets, so they feel that business is not so difficult. Nowadays, it feels that “business is difficult to do”, and its essence is caused by more intense market competition under the “stock market” state!

Even when China's lighting industry enters the “stock market” state, we can still see that the outstanding brand enterprises represented by listed companies such as Op, NVC, Foshan Lighting and Sunshine Lighting still maintain an average annual sales growth of 20%. %the above! In the "Great Lighting Top 100" released by the Grand Lighting platform, the annual sales of the top 100 companies have also increased significantly.

In this way, excellent brand enterprises continue to divide up a larger market share in the stock market, and constantly create a new high performance! When the entire market size of China's lighting industry is in the state of “stock market”, the market of many small and medium-sized enterprises and merchants is naturally “cut”, and it will feel “business is getting harder and harder!”

Similarly, although the entire Chinese lighting industry is in the “stock market” state, the performance in different categories has been different. As we all know, in the past three years, thanks to the promotion of landscape lighting and lighting projects, the performance of outdoor landscape lighting companies has been greatly improved. Listed companies such as Liad, Chau Ming, Mingjiahui and Huati have benefited from this.

However, since most of this project is directly obtained by the company, the "benefits" of the business are not many. The landscape lighting market is growing strongly. Under the circumstances that the overall market size has not changed much, the market scale of other natural categories has declined, such as ordinary light sources and common commercial products, which is also reflected in the life of enterprises and businesses in the corresponding fields. Feeling "on."

Of course, in 2017, there are still a group of companies that have been “moisturizing”, that is, some lighting companies that are mainly exported. Why are they doing well? This is because the global lighting industry is still in the "incremental market" state! Specific circumstances, and will be broken down next time!

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