Gansu Smart City Parking System Solution

With the development of modern high technology, intelligence and networking have covered our lives. The intelligent transportation market in the security industry has also rapidly entered a new stage of development, regardless of the parking lot used by Lanzhou Bo Rui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It has its own unique advantages in terms of parking issues, car-finding problems, or parking fees. In addition, the intelligent parking system integrates new technologies and launches a series of intelligent products, including license plate recognition, parking guidance, reverse search, and self-help. Payment, mobile payment and Other equipment, so the smart parking system is an inevitable trend toward the development of intelligent transportation industry.
The factory independently developed license plate recognition technology for more than ten years, combined with core software such as vehicle identification and vehicle feature recognition to solve parking management problems and developed a license plate recognition intelligent parking system. The license plate recognition intelligent parking system integrates the high-end license plate recognition integrated machine, smart barrier, parking fee display, and license plate recognition and accounting software to form a complete intelligent parking system. Through the license plate recognition intelligent parking system, the fixed vehicles can enter and exit without stopping, the temporary car entrance does not stop and pay automatically. The entire intelligent parking system has a simple structure, is stable and reliable, and is easy to install, maintain and use.
The license plate recognition system is mainly used to record the license plate number, license plate color, and access time of the vehicle to realize the automatic management of the vehicle, so as to save manpower and improve efficiency; for example, the intelligent community can automatically determine whether the entry vehicle belongs to the local community, and is not internal. Vehicles are automatically timed. In some units, this application can also be combined with the vehicle dispatch system to automatically and objectively record the vehicle's outbound condition.
The management of parking lots and residential entrances and exits is very difficult to manually remember the license plate number and the stopping time of passing vehicles. It will not only cause mistakes, but also require a lot of manpower. A small license plate recognition device installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot can solve many problems once and for all. For the license plate is blocked, broken paint, blurred and unclear, etc. can also be analyzed and identified, for the parking lot and the entrance staff to save a lot of trouble.
Lanzhou Bo Rui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the design and construction of parking management systems.

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