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Starting from September 1, 2012, the dangerous goods transport vehicle must have a drum brake on the front plate to be allowed to board. Recently, many users have asked what is the front brake drum brake? What kind of role does it have in actual use?
In addition to the implementation of the requirements of the National Bureau of Science, Technology, Industry and Technology, production standards, it must also be a front disc rear drum brake. This requirement is a big impact on the manufacturer and the users of the future transportation vehicles, because front and rear drum brakes are currently only used on cars (hydraulic brakes). The so-called front disc rear drum is the front disc brake, rear drum brake. The simple understanding is that the front wheel relies on two sheets of cast iron to hold a disc brake system. This can be seen. The rear wheel brakes are braked by the brake shoe's expansion. This is called the front disc rear drum.
Disc brake and drum brake working principle:
In front of the rear drum is actually a different brake method, disc brakes are often used in small displacement models or light cars, brakes on the hydraulic brake models, there are front and rear drum brakes, there are front and rear wheels are Use disc brakes (mostly cars).
The difference between the two in practical applications is obvious. Disc brakes are easier to use than drum brakes. Drum brakes and disc brakes have their advantages and disadvantages. In the brake effect, the difference between the drum brake and the disc brake is not great, because when the brakes are applied, the friction between the tire and the ground gradually stops the car. If the car body is small and the car body is light, the drum brakes on the rear wheels are enough to make enough friction between the tires and the ground. If the rear wheel uses a disc brake, the ABS and EBD systems will automatically reduce their braking force to ensure that the rear wheels will not lose their grip and slip and lock.
In terms of heat dissipation, the disc brake heats up faster than the drum brake, and the heat dissipation effect of the ventilating disc brake is better. In terms of sensitivity, the disc brake will be higher, but in the case of a muddy road in rainy weather The effect will be greatly reduced, which is also the shortcomings of the disc brakes; in terms of cost, drum brakes are lower than disc brakes, and their service life is longer. Therefore, some mid- to low-grade cars will use drum brakes, and models above mid-to-high grade will basically take four rounds. Disc brakes.

Disc brake advantages:
Disc brakes have good heat dissipation because their brake discs are exposed to air and the heat generated during braking can be dissipated directly into the air! Improve brake system stability and braking performance! This is its most prominent advantage! Relative to drum brakes, the structure of disc brakes is relatively simple and the braking heat decay is good! Disc brake car driving water is not easy to water!
Disadvantages of disc brakes: The structure of disc brakes is relatively complex with respect to drum brakes, and the requirements for brake calipers and piping systems are also higher, and the cost is higher than that of drum brakes; when the road is muddy on a rainy day, it is braked. The disc brakes the effect of the brakes when it gets stuck in the sand.
Drum brake advantages :
Drum brakes have a good self-brake effect. Due to the brake pads being out of the way, the wheels rotate with the outer brake drums twisting at an angle (not too large, of course, to make it easy to see). The greater the braking force, the more obvious the situation is. Therefore, in general large-scale vehicles still use drum brakes. In addition to the lower cost, the difference between the drum brakes of large cars and small cars may be due to the large-scale mining pneumatic assistance, while the small car Vacuum assist is used to help brake. Drum brake manufacturing technology has a lower level and is also the first to be used in braking systems, so the manufacturing cost is lower than that of disc brakes.
The disadvantage of the drum brake is that the drum brake is used to seal the disc in the brake drum, causing the brake to stop the chip from being dissipated after it wears, affecting the contact surface between the brake drum and the brake shoe and affecting the braking performance.
The use of brakes and the regional climate are still very much related. In cold regions, there is no need to use drums over discs. First of all, there is no overheating problem in cold regions. The second type of disc cooling is better, which will result in cold and hot brakes in cold regions. Alternating frequently, reducing its life.

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