China's first acetonitrile cracking carbon five device first annual output value of 1.1 billion

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As of last week, China's first set of acetonitrile method 150,000 tons/year cracked carbon 5 separation and co-production of 40,000 tons/year isoprene rubber device has been safely and steadily operating for one year in Fushun Yi Kesi New Materials Co., Ltd. The device adopts the acetonitrile method to crack carbon 5 separation and produce isoprene rubber. Compared with the traditional method, it improves the comprehensive utilization rate of carbon 5 resources, reduces energy consumption and production costs, demonstrates competitive advantages, rapidly expands the market, and exceeds supply of products. The first year's output value reached 1.1 billion yuan.

Experts said that the acetonitrile cracking technology is advanced, the amount of cracking solvent is less than 1/10 of the amount of extractive distillation, the operating conditions of the extractive distillation process are mild, and the production process is safe; the extractant is fully recycled and the processing cost is effectively reduced; acetonitrile The method for cracking carbon 5 can separate the mixture containing isoprene and n-pentane, and can also obtain more than 99.5% high-purity, high yield greater than 90% isoprene and other high value-added diene components, effective Increase the utilization of carbon five fraction resources. At the same time, the process is rich in solvent sources, low in price, and less corrosive to equipment; due to the low viscosity of acetonitrile, the efficiency of the extractive distillation trays is high.

Internationally, isoprene production is usually used as an indicator of the utilization rate of cracked C5 fraction resources. Among them, the United States has reached 80%, Japan has reached 85%, China is still less than 20%. The development of C5 fractions has shifted from hybrid utilization to high value-added fine chemical products. With the development of China's ethylene industry, the C5 distillate market has great potential and promising prospects.

It is understood that the carbon five separation device was successfully launched and successfully put into production once in the same period last year. In April of this year, isoprene produced by the joint production of 40,000 tons/year of isoprene equipment was directly used for the synthesis of isoprene rubber, which met the demand for isoprene rubber in the fields of domestic tires, adhesive tapes, and hoses, especially for medical use. The market demand for rubber plugs and polyisoprene rubber gaskets has promoted the development of the carbon 5 separation industry.

Sun Changming, general manager of the company, said that in the future, they will continue to carry out research and development of deep processing of by-products, and strive to develop cutting-edge products such as pentadiene petroleum resin, cyclopentadiene rubber, and polydicyclopentadiene engineering plastics.

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