Dinglei's key point: It is this 16-character path to the future of Chinese Express


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How many new car builders are there in China now? I don't have the breakdown, it's already nearly one hundred, and the numbers are rising.

Does this mean that China's new energy market is ready? It is not that, for a class of products to enter the market recognition period, at least one basis for one million vehicles a year is required. Because this amount is less than this, infrastructure facilities, technological maturity, and market acceptance have not arrived.

However, according to the current trend, China's pure electric vehicles still need to be able to enter the 1 million range within two years. In other words, the market will truly usher in a good time window after 2020, instead of the window closing period.

Prior to this, no one was a "late latecomer," but after that, whoever "left" can only rely on the true nature of his hand.



Ding Lei devoted himself to the automotive industry, more like a young man's "pique." In 1981, Ding Lei admired Einstein successfully admitted to Fudan Nuclear Physics. At the time of the 10th anniversary of the reform and opening up, it was a difficult time for young people who just graduated to continue studying in the United States and participate in the vigorous and vigorous tide of reform and opening up. The choice. At that time, the conditions and facilities in the United States were more conducive to further academic research. Ding also had a valuable quota from a famous teacher. This was a seductive opportunity for any Chinese student at that time.


But changing the fate of Ding Lei is two sentences. During a trip to receive foreign engineers, the Shanghai brand car that was on the road was turned off and could only be restarted by relying on manpower. The two external power engineers used "jokes" and "SHIT" to describe our car. This made Ding excited, and finally decided to give up the opportunity to study in the United States to pursue a doctoral degree, to join the cause of reform and opening up, began a career in the car.

The first auto company that Ding Lei entered was the most advanced joint venture in the country, Shanghai Volkswagen. With personal efforts, Ding Lei grew from an engineer to a laboratory director who managed the team of 60 people. At that time, the state stipulated that the masses must be made domestically, and Ding Lei was responsible for purchasing and quality assurance of parts. Faced with the strength of the Germans, Ding Lei and the team resisted the pressure, not only completed the localization rate of 40% of the requirements, but also to increase the level of China's auto parts to several grades.

In 2008, the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, Ding Lei was transferred to SAIC GM as CEO. Twenty years ago, Ding Lei foresaw the “environmental pressure” in the future, and proposed the “green moving future” corporate strategy. He made a bold attempt on energy saving and environmental protection and breakthroughs in vehicle models. In the 23 years SAIC and SAIC GM's professional career, Ding has the opportunity to expand from the previous research and development, manufacturing, sales channels, brand marketing, corporate strategy, a comprehensive coverage and operations.

In 2011, Shanghai established the "Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park", a national-level demonstration zone for independent innovation, and positioned "China's Silicon Valley." Ding Lei was transferred to Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park as the person in charge. Later, he was transferred to the Pudong New Area as a deputy mayor and participated in the construction of a national free trade zone.

In 2014, he was responsible for the introduction of Tesla in Pudong. Faced with Tesla's stringent investment conditions for the government, Ding thought, "Why can't we make new energy vehicles ourselves?" Maybe it is a "sense of mission". As a Chinese automaker, Ding always has an idea to do something for "the rise of the Chinese auto industry."

Four words: "Aim high"



2018 coincides with the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, the Chinese society is undergoing historical changes, and the automotive industry is undergoing major changes in the past 100 years (from mechanical fuel to electric smart, from personal ownership to time sharing, from vehicles to life scenes. The three major shifts), intuition told Ding Lei that it was time to make its own new energy vehicle.


Initially, Ding Lei originally wanted to set up an industrial investment company, and Ding would do investment to help the next generation of automobile people develop. However, as soon as the investment companies were established, they received the attention and encouragement of the old leaders. At the same time, they received positive responses from several provincial governments and invited Ding Lei (East Coast Fund) to organize projects. The response of Jiangsu Province is even faster. At the same time, many friends, former colleagues and academic experts in the automobile circle unanimously pushed Ding to manage this project. The Chinese people were born and brought up.

It is necessary to talk about the meaning of the name "Chinese Express", otherwise it is difficult to understand. Ding Lei's interpretation is: Hua, which is taken in the name of “Huaxia”, represents the Chinese automobile industry has experienced 40 years of high-speed development and has cultivated Chinese auto talent and past and future rooted in China from the world's outstanding automotive talent; ,Taking it as a “human resource, people-oriented”, expresses the gathering of talents, and builds people-oriented products and services. Winning and learning from “strategic strategies” can be interpreted as lofty goals, pragmatic planning, long-term struggle, and the mission must be achieved; Yiyi "cooperate with Quanton" to explain the style and attitude of opening and cooperation, and make Chinese Express become a force that can represent the level of Chinese cars in the global automotive industry.

Ding Lei’s dream is very big, “Let the Chinese really stand at the center of the world’s automobile stage” and finally realize the long-cherished wish of the industry to serve the country. But how to achieve it?

Four words: "Industry serving the country."



At present, the models that are mainly sold in the Chinese market are low endurance and low-intelligence products such as A00. Caused consumers to have no good product choices. What are the causes of this imbalance in demand and supply? If this problem is clear, the opportunity for Chinese people to find it will be found.


China Express's product intent is based on the unmistakable design, the quality of luxury cars, the world's leading automated driver assistance system and artificial intelligence vehicle system, and comprehensive service system solutions, until it becomes a smart city Zhijie traffic An important part of. What Ding Lei and his team have built is the ultimate “next-generation smart travel product”.

With this as a goal, coupled with a favorable market environment, Ding Lei has formulated a pragmatic and effective plan. Utilizing the deep experience of Chinese Express in traditional vehicle construction, we are also committed to the development and application of future technology, integrating resources to develop leading and influential products.

“We can do well and we need to be excellent ourselves.” Ding Lei, who has been successful, has established strategic partnerships with many of the world’s leading technology companies or parts and components companies, and has passed five business areas and four dimensions of technology. Innovation seeks breakthroughs.

Second, recruit talented people. The excellent market entry time, objective conditions on the right and left, comprehensive strategic layout and technical intensive cultivation have laid a successful road for the future development of Chinese Express. But all this depends on talent and team to achieve it. Ding Lei first set up the team concept of “talent pyramid (based on heart recognition, values ​​recognition, and top-down)”.

Today, the level of masters, doctors, and postdoctoral accountants at and above the ranks of Chinese Express is approximately 65%. These talents come from different fields, including traditional vehicle companies, IT internet companies, and large international suppliers. There are international research institutes.

Talent, goals, and planning are all available and long-term, but are the Chinese Express and Ding Lei really ready, especially in terms of capital and qualifications?

In this regard, Ding's strategy is also eight words: "pragmatic planning, long-term struggle."



At the capital level, Ding Lei firmly believes that it is necessary to make the ultimate product first, and under the protection of sustainable business models and profitability, we can continue to ensure the entry of funds. The ownership system adopted by the Chinese people at the outset was the "mixed system." Shareholders have large joint ventures, government special funds, and market-based industrial capital, plus my own capital. This kind of capital composition can support the implementation of the future strategic planning of the company for Chinese Express.

Market timing, resource integration, talent team, and capital qualifications seem to be everything the Chinese Express is prepared for. In fact, otherwise, the brand is also one of the core competitiveness of the future. Ding Lei is still summed up in eight words: "It's better than it is better." Chinese Express does not define products and brands in traditional ways and dimensions. Instead, it will build a brand-new “category” in accordance with the next generation of smart travel products. Based on this, it will build a brand and become a more attractive and attractive brand.

President Xi mentioned in 2014 that new energy is the only way to make Chinese cars from big countries to strong countries. It is indispensable for China to truly stand at the center of the world's automobile stage, and to “get high, plan practically, fight long-term, and serve the country” is indispensable!

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