Don't envy those convertible sports cars again, take a look at the benefits of car sunroofs

Where does the difference between a convertible sports car and an ordinary car come from? Answer whether there is a skylight! Yes, don't look at the roofless skylights in the convertible sports car Dora Wind. In fact, you don't know the benefits of skylights. After reading the Xiaobian article, it is estimated that you would not be so envious of the owner of the open-top sports car!


Change the traditional way of ventilation

The sunroof of the car changed the traditional form of ventilation, and the wind came in to form a stream of air, drawing out the turbid air in the cabin. When the car runs at a high speed, the air flows quickly from the surroundings of the car. When the window is opened, a negative pressure zone is formed on the outside of the car. Due to the difference of the pressure inside and outside the car, the dirty air inside the car can be pumped out to achieve ventilation. The purpose is to keep fresh air in the compartment.

Quickly remove glass mist

Using skylights to remove fog is a quick way to remove fog. Especially in the summer and autumn, there is much rain and humidity. Everyone who drives knows that if the side window of the car is closed during driving, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car will increase, and the front windshield glass will easily form a mist. Although most vehicles are equipped with anti-fog devices, some of them are not as effective. Drivers only need to open the roof skylight to the rearward aeration position, which can easily eliminate the fog in the front windshield and ensure the safety of driving.

Rapid cooling to save energy

Use skylights to save energy. In the hot summer, when the car is exposed to the sun for one hour, the temperature inside the car can easily reach around 70°C. Open the door, a wave of heat will be blowing, for many people, are selected to immediately open the car's air conditioning to reduce the temperature inside the car.

In fact, if you have a skylight version of the car, just open the skylight and use the negative pressure formed on the roof of the vehicle to draw hot air to achieve rapid air exchange and cooling. Use this method than to use Automotive air-conditioning cooling speed 2-3 times faster, but also save gasoline.

Nowadays, many people are concerned about a problem when choosing a vehicle, that is, whether the car has a skylight. Skylights are now more than mere furnishings or fashion trends. It will increase the safety factor of vehicles, and the safety of panoramic sunroof vehicles is higher than that of vehicles without sunroofs, so don't envy those convertible sports cars anymore.

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