Four connection methods of PoE switches

First, switches and terminals support PoE

In this way, a PoE switch is directly connected to a wireless AP and a network camera supporting PoE power over a network cable. This method is the simplest, but it also needs to pay attention to the following two points:

1. Determine whether the PoE switch and the wireless AP or network camera are standard PoE devices. 2. Carefully confirm the specifications of the purchased network cable. The quality of the network cable is critical. A poor quality network cable can cause the AP or IPC to fail power or restart.

Second, the switch supports PoE, the terminal does not support PoE

The PoE switch of this scheme comes out of the PoE splitter. The PoE splitter separates the power into data signals and power. There are two output lines, one is the power output line and the other is the network data signal output line, which is the ordinary network cable. The power output is 5V/9/12V, which can match non-PoE power receiving terminals of various DC inputs and supports the IEEE802.3af/802.3at standard. The data signal output line, that is, the ordinary network cable, is directly connected to the network port of the non-PoE power receiving terminal.

Third, the switch does not support PoE, the terminal supports PoE

This solution switches out to the PoE power supply. The PoE power supply applies power to the network cable and transmits it to the terminal. This scheme facilitates the expansion of the original cabling network and has no impact on the existing network.

Fourth, the switch does not support PoE, the terminal does not support PoE

This solution switches out to the PoE power supply, then to the PoE splitter and finally to the terminal. Scenario 3 and Scenario 4 are suitable for the transformation of a traditional network, that is, where the original switch does not support PoE power supply but wants to use the advantages of PoE power supply.

In practical applications, how should the network cable be connected? Many of my friends have some understanding of the POE power supply technology and know that the 1236 or 4578 and other power supply line sequencing problems, so that if the wrong connection, leading to serious consequences such as equipment burned.

POE power supply standards The requirements for PSE equipment such as POE switches and POE power supply modules (POE power supplies) are as long as they support one of the 1236 and 4578 power supply line sequences. Of course, the latest 802.3at4pair standard requires both types of support. The requirements for POE powered devices must support both power supply modes.

In the end should be how to pick it up?

1. If your POE switch and POE power supply module are standard PSE devices, then the wireless AP or IPC that is connected to the network cable will not be burned. In the standard POE power supply process, there is a detection process that ensures that the powered device that is not the standard is not powered. How to distinguish between standard equipment and non-standard equipment can be found in How to distinguish between standard POE power supply and non-standard POE power supply.

2. If your PSE device is a strong type, you must carefully check the instructions before wiring to see if the power pin is 1236 or 4578. If there is no manual around, you can also use a multimeter to detect if there is a stable 12V/24/. The 48V output is the supply pin. The PIN pin for power supply is clearly understood and cannot be directly connected to the terminal equipment. The other end of the wireless AP or IPC to find out what the input voltage is, whether the network port circuit has been modified, if not modified, connected to it is likely to burn the network port circuit. POE separators are required if the circuit is not modified.

The above two points are understood before the wiring in the engineering application, and there is ample success. There are many non-standard equipment on the market. Be very careful before wiring.


Finally, it should be emphasized that POE computer network lightning protectors should be installed at the front end of the POE switch and grounded. Only in this way can the entire system operate well.

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