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Recently, the baby's event has been tyrants and screens for many days. Xiao Bian is not busy today. He talks about feelings and talks about LCD screens. In this era of looking at faces, everyone is pursuing beauty. Not only people begin with the value of color, they are trapped in talent, and they are good at character. The LCD screen is no exception. Good results are good, well-known brands are guaranteed after sale.

LCD Video Wall

In fact, everyone is already accustomed to it. Usually, home-use screens look better than commercial ones. Because it needs to be placed in the living room, bedroom and other home environments, it needs to be well matched with furniture. Designers usually start from the aspect of color matching and styling of TVs; however, attention is paid to commercial LCD splicing walls. It is often the video content that it plays, not the product itself, so everyone sees that the body of commercial LCD video wall is square, very simple and plain, and the colors are black.

However, whether it is commercial LCD screens or LCD splicing screens, they all break the rules and enhance the creative design of the appearance in terms of quality advantages. They can meet desktop, wall, ceiling, horizontal and vertical installations, and can be used for various occasions. Designed for different needs, different materials are used in their own shapes to create different textures, different colors and styles. Many LCD screens are not limited to being square, and now you can see circular, cylindrical, and other shapes of LCD screens.

LCD screen
As an expert in the industry, Aidi is a manufacturer of LCD screens that integrates production and after-sales services. The research and development of the products is close to the needs of users. The user experience is the mainstay. The production process is strictly in accordance with the requirements. After multiple inspections, the appearance can be customized. Do a look and quality of both LCD screen brands.

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The water tank radiator, the main product structure is the tube fin and the plate fin structure, the water flows through the tube, and the heat is transferred to the tube and the fin to realize the cooling of the high temperature water.

Advantages: The product structure is simple, can be customized to Chengdu high, light weight, low cost and so on.

Application: At present, the products are widely used in various agricultural machinery such as automobile radiators, buses, trucks, special vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, generator sets, tractors, etc.


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