Agricultural machinery participating in government subsidies for premiums

Since Taicang City started agricultural agricultural machinery insurance in 2009, it has been welcomed by a large number of farmers. This year, 1042 agricultural machinery for farmland were covered by a strong insurance policy, 821 agricultural machinery were covered by insurance for agricultural machinery and property insurance, and 624 agricultural technicians were also involved in accident insurance.
Agricultural machinery for farmland refers to tractors, combine harvesters, rice transplanters, etc. operating on farmland. At present, the insurance programs involving agricultural machinery operations in the city mainly include: tractor strong insurance (combined harvester third party liability insurance), agricultural machinery and passengers accidental injury insurance, farmland agricultural machinery and property insurance insurance. The start-up of farmland agricultural machinery insurance has effectively increased the efficiency of the use of machinery, prolonged the service life of machinery, and made up for the losses caused by natural disasters and accidents. As a benefit agriculture policy, the government gave a certain subsidy to the agricultural insurance premiums. For the farm agricultural machinery that has passed the inspection of the city agricultural supervision institute, the agricultural machinery owner can only participate in the agricultural insurance with a small premium, and the tractor delivers a strong insurance (joint harvesting). Third Party Liability Insurance) The proportion of farmer's own premium is 20%; the proportion of farmer's accidental injury insurance households owning the insurance premium is 40%; the ratio of farmer's property insurance farmer's own premium is 30%. For more information on the supply, purchase, and investment of agricultural tricycles, please pay attention to the China Agricultural Tricycle Trade Network.

The Manual Hoists refer to those hoist which are operated by hands.

Hoists are what we usually use to lift or lower heavy loads,we don't have to use too strong hoist for the less-heavy loads,it would be better to use manual hoists.

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Manual Hoists

Manual Trolley Hoist,Manual Lifting Hoist,Manual Wire Rope Hoist,Manual Lever Hoist


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