What are the characteristics of a self-centering vibrating screen?

The self-centering center vibrating screen is also known as the universal hanging screen. It is caused by a vibrator with eccentric properties to vibrate the sieve. Its characteristics are as follows:

1) The material on the sieve can achieve good looseness and delamination under the action of vibration;

2) The weight of the vibrating screen can be adjusted, and the amplitude of the sieve can be adjusted according to the production requirements;

3) When the amount of minerals changes, the amplitude also changes. When the amount of ore is small, the amplitude increases and the vibration is intensified; when the amount of ore is large, the amplitude becomes small. Changes in the amount of ore will affect the “dynamic balance”, causing some vibration in the center of the pulley;

4) It is suitable for medium and fine particle screening and is not suitable for coarse material screening.

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