The intelligent transformation of the meter library in Shaanxi Lingshi Power Supply Company was completed.

[ China Instrument Network Instrument R&D ] Recently, the intelligent transformation of the metering library of Shanxi Lingshi Power Supply Company was completed. This work is the first official operation unit of Shanxi Electric Power Company to realize the automation of measurement and calibration and complete the commissioning.

In recent years, the secondary warehouses of the power supply enterprises in the city of the city generally use the method of turnover boxes, dense cabinets, and original packaging of electrical energy assets. It is impossible to realize the intelligent distribution, distribution, logistics, group storage, and dispatch of electric energy meters. And on-site installation management, etc., work very low efficiency.
In order to improve the automation and intelligence level of measurement asset management, state-level power grid companies have integrated mechanical transmission, wireless scanning, intelligent monitoring and other technical applications into the traditional measurement asset management field, and gradually built a company that covers provincial metrology centers and prefectures (counties). Power supply intelligent table library system.
Recently, the intelligent transformation of the metering library of Shaanxi Lingshi Power Supply Company has been completed, which has changed the previous city-level metering warehouses to be all artificial flat warehouses. The storage management of measuring equipment relies on labor, low work efficiency, chaotic management, and inaccurate asset data. As a result, the life cycle management of measurement assets is out of line with the city-level storage department, which can not provide accurate and effective support for the distribution and production of measurement equipment, and restrict the fine management of the measurement life cycle.
The intelligent transformation of the meter library can save a lot of storage space and increase the storage capacity to more than twice the traditional form. At the same time, the intelligent transformation of the meter library will not use the existing site to make the transformation at a low cost, realize the automation of the whole process of the metering equipment, such as storage and storage, and realize the automatic counting of the metering equipment cycle. The problem of cumbersome operation, low work efficiency and inconsistent accounting of the county-level manual metering warehouses effectively supports the lean management of the measurement life cycle.
(Source: Shanxi Daily, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Import and Export Manager)

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