Preparation method of nano titanium dioxide---peptization-extraction method

The peptization-extraction method is a kind of phase transfer method, and its chemical principle is as follows.
Precipitation reaction TiO 2+ + OH - → TiO(OH) +
TiO(OH) + +OH - →TiO(OH) 2 ↓ (white precipitate)
Peptization reaction
TiO(OH) 2 (precipitation) + H + → TiO(OH) + H 2 O (sol)
Heat treatment TiO(OH) 2 →TiO 2 +H 2 O
The process of producing nano-TiO 2 by peptization-extraction method is shown in the figure below.
    An aqueous alkaline solution was added to the aqueous solution of TiOSO 4 to form a precipitate of TiO 2 hydrate, which was then added to become a positively charged transparent sol. An anionic surfactant such as sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate is added to convert the sol particles into lipophilic aggregates. Then, the solvent is added, the mixture is shaken vigorously, and the colloidal particles are transferred into the organic phase to obtain an organosol, and then the nanometer TiO 2 powder is obtained by refluxing, vacuum distillation and heat treatment. The nano-sized TiO 2 prepared by the method has good dispersibility and high transparency, but has a long process flow and high production cost.

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