China's iron deposit type

The types of iron deposits in China are shown in Table 1 below:
Table 1 Types of iron deposits in China
Deposit type
Ore body
Ore structure and structure
The main metal minerals and gangue minerals
Associated element
Late magmatic heterogeneous iron deposit
Produced in basic and ultrabasic igneous rocks such as gabbro- olivine
The ore has a dip-like, strip-like, massive structure, a loss-inlaid crystal structure, and a solid-solution separation structure.
Titanium magnetite metallic minerals (complex platelets of the mineral ilmenite, magnesium aluminum spinel, ilmenite spar, the magnetite), followed with a granular ilmenite, containing small amounts of pyrrhotite and , pyrite and other sulfides of nickel, cobalt, chromium and iron. Gangue minerals pyroxene, plagioclase group, olivine, apatite, etc.
Cu, Co, Ni, Mn, P, Se, Te, Sc, Ga and the like PGE
Panzhihua Iron Mine
Late magmatic penetrating iron deposit
Produced in gabbro and plagioclase, the ore body is distributed along a certain fracture in the rock mass, or in the contact zone between gabbro and plagioclase.
The ore is a dense block and disseminated structure, and the dense block has high iron content, and has a sponge-damaged iron structure, a granular mosaic structure, a literary structure and a solid-solution separation structure. In the disseminated ore, the vanadium- titanium magnet Severe alteration of ore to form altered residual structure
Metallic vanadium and titanium-containing minerals are mainly magnetite, ilmenite and a small amount of chromite, pyrite, copper ore and secondary hematite, limonite. The gangue minerals are mainly plagioclase and chlorite, followed by pyroxene, fibrinite, calcite and a small amount of apatite, biotite , talc , quartz , olivine, etc.
Co, Ni, Cu, S, P
Damiao Iron Mine
Shallow marine sedimentary iron deposit
Mainly produced in sandstone and sandy shale
Mainly 鲕 structure, in addition, there are still bean-like and kidney-like structures
Metallic minerals mainly include hematite, followed by siderite, and some have magnetite. The gangue minerals are mainly quartz
Xuanhua Longyan Iron Mine (Xuanlong type), Hubei Changyang Huopingping, Guandian Iron Mine Area (Ningxiang type)
Sea-land alternation-lake-phase sedimentary iron deposit
Iron and coal strata layer tends to close, some seam produced in carbonate rocks eroded surface, symbiotic with bauxite, clay mineral
The structure is complex, generally in the form of fine-grained structure, the particles are cemented to each other, and the particle size is fine and uneven.
Metallic minerals are mainly hematite, or mainly of siderite, or both. The gangue minerals are chlorite, quartz, clay minerals, etc.
Minjiang Iron Mine
Subject to
Iron ore formed by metamorphic iron and silicon
Produced in ancient metamorphic rock series, mostly large deposits
The ore has many strips, stripe structures, granitic crystals and scales.
Metallic minerals are generally dominated by magnetite. A few mining areas contain hematite and imaginary hematite. The ore generally contains iron phosphate and iron silicate, and the content of individual mines is high. The gangue minerals are quartz, chlorite, magnesite, garnet, biotite, carbonate minerals, etc., generally containing a small amount of pyrite.
Anshan Iron Mine
Metamorphic carbonate type iron ore
Produced in various rock formations such as phyllite, marble , slate or its contact surface
The ore structure is dominated by blocks, followed by braids and strips.
Metal minerals include hematite, siderite, magnetite, and limonite. The gangue minerals are quartz, sericite, chlorite and carbonate.
Jilin Da Lizi Iron Mine
Contact confession - hydrothermal iron deposit
Mainly produced in contact belts of medium-acid intrusions and carbonate rocks
The ore is dominated by massive structures, followed by disseminated. Also has a breccia structure with accommodating and granular structures
The metal minerals are mainly magnetite, followed by imaginary hematite, and some mines have more siderites. Sulfides mainly pyrite, some areas chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, molybdenite and the like, comprising a small number of deposits and colloidal tin cassiterite. The gangue minerals are mainly diopside and garnet , followed by hornblende and carbonate minerals; some mine gangue minerals contain more serpentine.
Cu, Co, Ni, Pb, Au, Ag, Mo, W, Sn, S, etc.
Daye Iron Mine Area, Yuxing Iron Mine Area
Weathered leaching type iron ore district
Weathered leaching belt produced from various types of primary iron ore and other iron-bearing rocks
Ore has a blocky, honeycomb, grape-like or earthy structure
Metallic minerals are mainly porous limonite. The gangue minerals are quartz, carbonates, clay minerals, etc.
Dabaoshan Iron Mine, Tiekeng Iron Mine
turn off
Iron deposits associated with continental volcanic-intrusion activities
Produced in volcanic clastic rocks or in the volcanic rock contact zone inside, at the top and around the shale, and in the contact zone between the shale and surrounding sedimentary rocks
Structures such as massive, disseminated, dip-dyed, veined, breccia, variegated, striped
Some of the metal minerals are mainly magnetite, with the exception of hematite and hematite, and some are imaginary hematite. The content of siderite varies from mine to mine. The gangue minerals are diopside, actinolite, apatite, alkaline feldspar, pyrite and gypsum .
S, P, V 2 O 3
Ninglang Iron Mine Area
Iron deposits associated with marine volcano-immersion activities
It is mainly produced near the submarine volcanic eruption center of the trench fold belt. The ore body is formed in the volcanic clastic rock-carbonate-lava construction.
The structure is the same as that of the continental volcanic immersion activity, and has an almond-like structure, an directional arrangement, etc.
The metal mineral magnetite and hematite in the ore are the primary ones, and the hypothesis is hematite, siderite and sulfide. The gangue minerals are quartz, albite, sericite, iron chlorite, etc.
S, P, V 2 O 3 , Co
Dahongshan Iron Mine
Hainan Shilu
Iron ore bodies mainly occur in dolomite and dolomitic crystalline limestone
Sheet, block, dip-like and ribbon-like structures. Crystal structure
The metal mineral is mainly hematite, containing a small amount of magnetite, semi-artificial hematite, and iron jasper. The gangue minerals are mainly quartz
S, Cu, Co
Hainan Shishi Iron Mine
Baiyun Ebo
Produced in dolomite or contact zone between dolomite and siliceous slate
Dense block, strip and disseminated structures; grained and plaque structures
Metallic minerals mainly include magnetite and hematite, containing a small amount of sulfides and containing a large amount of rare earth minerals. The gangue minerals are fluorite , smectite, albite, etc.
Rare earth
Baiyun Obo Iron Mine

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