How to pick a forklift?

Forklifts are now more or more visible on the roads of the city. Many construction companies or factories use forklifts. So how should we choose a suitable forklift?

1. The operating environment, factors that you want to buy forklifts to consider first, to distinguish whether they are outdoor or indoor operations. If the forklift is to operate outside the warehouse, it is best to use a liquid petroleum or diesel-powered internal combustion engine type forklift; if the forklift is just outside the cold working environment, then the gasoline-driven forklift is a more reasonable choice. It is worth noting that diesel forklifts should always be kept in use and the engine can not always be turned off; if the user starts a forklift every few minutes, it will damage the forklift; also, it is recommended that the diesel forklift should change oil regularly.


2. Brand selection, we must first confirm what brand you want, and then you can go to the Internet to find some information, of course, if the conditions permit, you can go to the field trip! Quality is the first factor!

3. After-sales service, after confirming the brand, it is necessary to consider how the brand's after-sales protection capabilities are, and whether or not there are service outlets at or near the location of the company;

4. The price and price are only one factor. The ability of spare parts and maintenance services is as important as the price of the vehicle itself. Users are advised to consider the full cost of the "life" of the forklift, not just the purchase price.

5. Forklift rental, if you just have a limited amount of capital, you can also choose to rent a forklift, this method is very popular in some developed countries!

In fact, the cheapest supplier of forklifts may not be the best, just as you buy other consumer goods, like a point price. Forklifts are industrial products and require long-term stable services as support. If a forklift of a supplier whose sales price is lower than the normal sales price, you can think about how good his service is after buying. Smart buyers do not only look at the price of forklifts but also need comprehensive assessment before they can be determined.

Manifold Filter, Spray guns contain filters that help provide a cleaner spray out of the gun tip. Here are some Spray Gun filter questions we`ve answered in the past, more than once.

1. What does a spray gun filter do?

The filter, which typically resides inside the handle of the gun, filters the paint one last time before it leaves the spray gun. The gun filter prevents debris from entering the tip. Preventing debris from entering the tip helps eliminate blockage, and therefore downtime, and keeps the spray surface clean.

2. Are there different types of filters? Which should I choose?

In general, the main difference in spray gun filters is in the screen size. You`ll want to choose a finer screen mesh for lacquers and fine finishes. A larger mesh can be used for latex paints.

3. How often do gun filters need to be replaced?

This can vary, too, depending on the amount of [trash", larger unwanted particulates, and the size of the mesh of your filter. Fine filters will need to be replaced more often. Why not clean them? Well, you can clean a filter, but generally these filters become so clogged over time that it is not worth the amount of work, and time, to clean them. It`s usually easiest to replace.

4. How often do gun filters need to be cleaned?

It is recommended that you clean the gun filter every time you clean your sprayer. This will give you the longest life for your spray gun filter. Eventually, though, you will have to replace the filter. Filters don`t wear out, as their made of stainless steel that prevents rust and corrosion, but they do accumulate trash and waste, despite the best efforts to keep them clean.

If you`re using an extremely fine mesh filter there is a chance that you could need to clean the filter during a job. The easiest way to tell a filter needs to be cleaned, during spraying, is the spray gun`s reversible tip begins to clog on a constant basis.

5. What would happen if you used the wrong filter for the tip?

It`s important to use the right filter mesh for the paint you`re spraying. If you use a wide mesh with a tip too small you`ll have a tip that constantly clogs. Using a fine mesh with a wide open tip you`d run into paint flow restriction. This can put unwanted stress on the sprayer, possibly reducing its lifespan.

Manifold Filter

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