10,000-ton CO2 plastic film device put into operation soon

Performance is approaching polyethylene for 6 months Degradable fertilizer field The reporter learned from the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences yesterday that the carbon dioxide (CO2) plastic film device jointly developed by the Institute and Nantong Huasheng New Material Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province is about to realize industrial production. Huasheng is expected to become the first domestic manufacturer of 10,000-ton CO2 plastic film. Its products are mainly used for export and are expected to be put on the market by the end of the year.
Wang Xianhong, a researcher at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that CO2 plastic film products have two major advantages: First, they are close to traditional polyethylene materials in terms of performance, and the cost is far lower than other degradable plastics on the international market; second, they are longer than traditional degradable plastics. Compared with the degradation period of a hundred years, the degradation period of the compost of the film is within 6 months, and the degraded material has the effect of fertilizer field. This process not only helps solve the “white pollution” problem of traditional plastics, but also provides new ideas for chemical fixation of CO2.
According to reports, after three years of research, Changchun Yinghua and Huasheng Co., Ltd. broke through the technical difficulties of continuous blowing of CO2 copolymers into films, and jointly developed biodegradable CO2 plastic films with China's independent intellectual property rights. The film adopts the combined catalytic technology and large-area, continuous film preparation technology developed by Changchun Yinghua Chemical Co., Ltd. to improve the stability of the CO2 polymer, improve the mechanical properties of the film material, improve the durability of the product, and tolerate the polymer. The temperature is increased from the conventional 20°C to 40°C to 60°C.
Wang Xianhong disclosed that in November of this year, the annual production of 6,000 tons of CO2 plastic raw material production line cooperated with CNOOC by Changchun Yinghua was successful, which provided conditions for the downstream Huasheng Company to produce 10,000-ton CO2 plastic film. At present, Huasheng's complete biodegradable CO2 plastic film production setup has been basically completed. The weight content of CO2 in the film products has reached 60%. The test products are being tested by relevant overseas authorities. The Huasheng Company is also stepping up efforts to formulate production standards.
He said that compared with traditional polyolefin products, the current cost of CO2 plastic films is high, the process needs to be improved, and there is still lack of large-scale, long-term stable operation experience and data in the continuous production of the whole process. The company will develop new catalysts, innovate catalytic processes and polymerization processes, improve product formation and processing technologies in downstream processes, improve product stability, expand production scale, expand product markets, and form a virtuous cycle of research and development, production, and sales, further reducing product costs. .
It is understood that CO2 copolymers have degradable characteristics, in which the weight content of CO2 exceeds 40%, and the global market scale exceeds 30 million tons, which is expected to become one of the leading varieties of biodegradable plastics.

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