China’s “Eye of the Eyes” is about to open to scientists around the world, and research is of great significance.

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] It is reported that FAST, the world's largest single-caliber radio telescope in Guizhou, is preparing to open to global astronomers, and a new era of high-sensitivity observation is coming.
The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) is one of the major national science and technology infrastructure projects with a cost of RMB 1.2 billion. It is called “China Eye”. The "Tianyan" project consists of an active reflector system, a feed support system, a measurement and control system, a receiver and a terminal, and an observation base.
Since entering the commissioning phase in 2016, only the projects led by Chinese scientists have been able to obtain the initial data of FAST, but after the opening, researchers all over the world can apply for observation time. This not only means that China and the rest of the world can go further in the astronomical field, but also a sign of China's cooperation and win-win cooperation with other countries in the field of high-precision scientific research.
In fact, there are still many cases of international cooperation with China in various fields of scientific research.
On December 8, 2018, the No. 4 Detector was launched, and on January 3, 2019, the world's first lunar soft landing on the back was successful. Yutu No. 2 left the first mark of the human detector on the back of the moon. The multi-faceted technological innovation of the No. 4 has completed many worlds for the first time, making the world once again astounding about China's space capabilities. At the same time, with the help of the No. 4, China and the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Saudi Arabia carried out four international cooperation in scientific loading, and carried out three scientific and technological experimental projects developed by domestic universities such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhongshan University and Chongqing University. .
In recent years, China's scientific and technological level has continued to grow and develop, and has gradually entered the ranks of powerful countries. With the country's comprehensive strength and scientific and technological level constantly improving, more and more countries in the world have recognized our strength, and more and more interaction and cooperation with countries in the field of scientific research.
However, the instrumentation industry, which is the cornerstone of research, is still slightly lacking. China's instrumentation industry has been at the low-end development level, and the scientific and technological content is not high. Although there are no shortage of high-end scientific instruments, it is relatively low and the technology content is not enough. It is worth mentioning that with the concept of “smart manufacturing” and “industrial internet”, China has paid more and more attention to the instrumentation industry, especially the high-end instrument industry. “Implementation on promoting the improvement of the quality of manufacturing products and services” The release of a series of documents such as Opinions has given a strong shot to the development of the instrumentation industry.
As China's scientific research strength continues to improve, it is believed that the FAST, the world's largest single-caliber radio telescope, will be open to the world, and the events that are of intense concern in relevant fields will continue to increase. At the same time, the sharing and cooperation in scientific research will surely bring Come to win.

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